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Bunny ...
Depends if you have the room or conditions indoors though Hollie , I will start march and have on indoor ledges , not perfect as have to keep turning them etc but otherwise be June here as so cold on nights for while yet,
Super Gran
Good to know that there are frustrated gardeners out there like me done some delicate hoeing and put some defrosted compost around. Magical to remove some dead foliage and HEY there's some green.
Bunny ...
Super gran yes , always good to see the new growth ..inspiring somehow
hollie hock

Hi bunny, all I know is that I've started seeds off earlier than that what most traditional advice would be for the last 2 years on my kitchen windowsill heated by a rad and have had on the whole great results. Once I think they are strong enough, out they go into my coldframes which are in a sheltered spot. Granted some might be a bit leggy but in my experience that goes when I pot them up as I bury their leggy stems deep.

It does depend on your location and your growing on conditions

Bunny ...
Absolutely Hollie , I use my sills and they do go bit leggy but its that or nothing, they soon sort themselves out.


Oakley Witch
I was putting in a new border and was sunburt on my back. Harx frost last night and chilly tonight. Sigh, feels lime its been foever
Bunny ...
Sam ...... Have you had a wine

I'm sunburnt on one cheek about odd

By the end of the week,cloudy and cold-top daytime temperature around 3/ 4C -and hard frosts with a bitter easterly wind, the wind -chill will make it feel below freezing

We're all doomed-Private Frazer Southampton

Caz W

Which cheek is that Bunny?

It's been lovely here on the Wirral, fog and frost this morning and now clear blue skies. Even a hint of warm sunshine. Will make the most of it, not sure about later in the week.

I was out in the garden with a vest on today. 


-3.3C at 6.30am this morning (nr Leicester)  It was below freezing in the unheated greenhouse, too.  Coldframe fared better at +2C.  Still a month of Winter to go, don'tchaknow..

Bunny ...
Just a vest discodave... ??

It's a wrap up warm week by looks of it .

The latest weather news is it is going to stay cold for a while yet-but the easterly winds will turn into a "less cold" northerly over the next few days-there may be some white stuff for some and frosts for most

Still not Spring yet


Was trying to snow here earlier (just south of Sheffield).  Very cold, I wouldn't be surprised if we have snow tomorrow, the weather forecast on the local news has said that we should get some over the weekend.

Just hope it goes by Monday, still haven't got snowshoes or skis for the pushchair - and biggest little one's school is uphill most of the way (makes for an interesting return journey!!).  Typical, we've not had much weather during the half-term holiday, it's getting ready to return when school re-opens.

Think I must've upset the weather gods somehow!

Bunny ...
My gran used to wear thick old socks over her shoes in winter mummy muddy paws

If dave was out in a vest today I shall be impressed .