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@david spikes, you never fail.

Hi everyone, some amazing garden pics on here! Hope you have all had a good Bank holiday weekend. We still have lots to clear in our garden and really dont think we are going to get it done in time to plant out my peas and beans. We have an area out the front which we were going to lay with turf so i could use that area if really needed and delay the turfing. Is there 'a best time' to lay new turf, could I hold it off until later in the year?

We've had lots of rain today battering my beautiful foxgloves and peonies, hope theres still some flowers left  tomorrow!


Some of this year's crop of self sown foxgloves. They did this all on their own!

 And the Blush Noisette is exploding with blooms...



Gary Hobson

@figrat, those are both gorgeous.



Figrat, I envy you your roses--I don't have much luck with mine. If the tent caterpillars don't get them, they are plagued with black spot. And deer love them of course. My foxgloves, all self-seeded, should be spectacular this year--they are just beginning. Today we should see some sun, but the rain moves back in tonight and for the foreseeable future. Yet, when I dug down to plant yesterday, the ground was dry 15 cm down. Can't win! They have postponed the school sports day until September.


lovely pictures.. inkadog i also find my roses are plagued by black spot.. tried all the stuff you can buy..but makes no difference.. i just live with it now

the wind has been howling today and all my foxgloves are hanging their heads.. and htey look so gorgeous at weekend.. and also my delphiniums have started to hang too.. the sun has been out most of day with heavy showers but the wind is getting up a pace now.

no gardening managed at all today and probably not for rest of week as weather is going to  be bad.. managed to sow some seeds for next year and that is about it. not like summer out there at all.


 I too have black-spot on every damn rose, especially my climbers although the shrub roses are slightly more resistant and suffer much less disfiguring foliage.

I've given up even trying to eradicate this problem after my newly bought climbing rose last year promptly got the disease and it was not even in the ground a fortnight!

My remedy is simple, I plant other climbers that will screen out the ugliness of bare stems on the uprights and stick to shrub roses for the borders. It's not entirely disguising the issue, but I can't live without some roses. 


I am going to try spraying with diluted milk--but not until after this week's rain. It is just an experiment---nothing ventured.


@Inkadog, let us know your conclusions, however long that may take

Rob Stevens

@figrat - Lovely! My Foxgloves and Delphiniums are just starting to come out. Should be lovely!

I planted out my tomatoes and peppers today. Hope it wasn't too early, but they were getting too huge for the bedroom window ledge.

Rob Stevens

 One of my Aquilegias, one of my favourite plants. Have posted more pics.

Lovely aquilegia - mine are all pink/ White/ purple. Or were, as they're over here, so have hacked them back to ground zero. Monsoon outside, but too busy to garden anyway as faffing about getting organised for trip to London tomorrow to see The Chieftains at the Albert Hall, then Kent for the weekend, hopefully meeting sister on Sunday at Sissinghurst. When it will probably be raining...

I need to do a cull of some of my aquilegias. The ones daughter & me like/want have coloured wool tied around them, so hopefully I wont remove those!

Shows how hot a domestic compost bin doesnt get. The main lot have come from compost spread on a relatively new bed, at the time, a couple of seasons ago. Unfortunately last Autumn/this spring I wasnt able to do much thinning so now have this expanse of them, actually creating a nice, airy screen when viewed from the patio.

Mind you last spring it was Mysotis all over the same bed! J.


@figrat, have a wonderful day at Sissinghurst

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Warmest March

Wettest April

Wintery May...

Okay folks, in the spirit of adjectives that start with W, June is..?



ATM Windiest. It is screaming here in Devon. I fear garden casualties will be unavoidable. Glad I'm not out on the sea.

hi everyone.. inkadog..yes please let us know how the milk thing works.. be very intersted to try anything to rid mine of it.. hubby is very fond of his roses as they were his mums favourite so i try to keep them going.. and i have a lovely red one and yellow one.. which is very scented.. gorgeous.. thou at the moment they are taking a battering with this wind..

definitely "windy june"

all my fox gloves have hit the ground  as have my delphiniums.. so disappionted.. weather is so off at the moment.. we have had gusts of 65mpg today with driving rain, it as stopped raining at mo and have sun and blue long for i do not know.

all my delicateplants have lost their petals or been beaten down..

 Hi every one just finished deadheading all the Petunias in all my easy fill baskets due to the rain it as not stopped for two days, so now i have put large clear plastic bags over them. To stop the flowers getting waterlogged. I  cut the bottoms off the bags  so that air can circulate.

Good Luck And Happy Gardenning .



@TazmanALun, nice to meet you

Have nothing to report from my garden since the weather is so bad I'm not even going out there. I'll pick up the pieces once it's more clement  if that ever happens. Weatherman reports a European monsoon heading our way. Oh joy.


Hi, Wintersong what a lovely name just planted up some Sweet Potatoes plants,Which i got from Sutton's they are good healthy plants Six of them. I planted 3 of them in a 24" pot which will stay in my greenhouse, i need to get another 24" pot so i can plant the other 3 plants in to it. Can you tell me how i can put pic's of my garden on to this site.

Good Luck And Happy Gardening.