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Oh no Mike, just what you need! At least it can be mended (hopefully), maybe this is just the sort of project you need! You never get more than you can handle-remember?

Mike, I would still contact both the police and insurer.  You can still decide or not to make a claim

Life does seem to gang up sometimes.  Best wishes

Mike. Contact the police - just in case this defective car was involved in other incidents and they need to build evidence against the other driver. The man who nearly killed me had been involved in a host of crashes and bumps before hitting me and was let off with a warning while I was being told my prospects for walking again as they'd not been reported to the police.

Mike, what a nuisance!  But the others are right - you should report it, even if it's just for 'statistics' - it all contributes towards local traffic planning etc if nothing else.

Sometimes you can feel a bit targeted can't you?  My son's had several really horrid/sad things happen to him lately, and then his beloved red Alpha (elderly but cherished and shiny) was hit not once but twice, whilst parked in different car parks. The first one is going through the insurers, although the other party, after admitting liability is now denying it - although how it can be son's fault when the car was stationary and the engine switched off and he has witnesses and photographs I fail to see!  I think she's just scared of her husband.

 The second one was a hit and run, although witnesses saw the van driver get out of the van and repeatedly kick son's car to disengage his wheel arch from the front of son's car and number plate - all details were given to the police but as it happened on private property they said it's not a RTA offence so they're not interested - not even when it turned out that the van driver was uninsured - they said they couldn't prove that he'd driven it on the road - even though there was a witness saying he saw him get back into the van and drive off, and they really weren't interested in proceeding against him for Criminal Damage - too much paperwork!!!  Fortunately son has No Claims Bonus Protection on his insurance, but I bet it will still put premiums up!

Life's not fair - but we know that anyway - otherwise my runner beans would have germinated 

Not to be recommended, but I caught up with a guy who hit my nieces car and drove away.  Took me a month of diligence,,determination and downright festering anger but get him I did.  Got £400 cash from him following angry exchange which easily covered the damage to my niece"s car.  Womderful feeling of justice, relief, and of a job well done.  Didnt want my nieces insurers involved...she is 20 so high premium.  

However, Mike, for  reasons already given tell the police etc.


Mike,with you having been one of the boys in blue,would that carry any weight? So sorry to hear this my friend but as stated,it might give you a project to get your teeth into? All the best mate and hoping for a positive outcome.

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