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Hi all had to come back to Tenby from house hunting in Norfolk due to Snow warnings weather and road works,, 8 hours to do a 5 hour trip,anyway came home to tiles that should be on the front roof  now decorating the front garden,  bottom fence blown to bits and flat,loads of new plants i planted to help the sale of the house go well all drownd,new front  slate covered garden i did because of the cats covered in branches from next doors huge tree, the rest in need of TLC and i hav,nt even seen the allotment yet,anyway welcome home Alan.,nice to be back init

Alan4711 No wars while iv bin gon i hope


Welcome home Alan-did you see something you wanted?


Hi matey, we did a place called Wymondham  (Windam) a very nice small market town just the right size 4/5 nice pubs  open market on Saturdays,antique shops  all the old stuff,quaint and Norwich was a very nice City indeed very clean ,so  were following it up right now house goes on the market Monday 

Good luck Alan


Hope you have better luck than me -not a had a viewing for weeks

Hello Alan welcome back shame about your house bit warmer indoors than out weather

Sound like you have found a few places to look around


Are you moving Geoff?




Want to go to Sunny Spain-but no-one is buying -yet-fancy a move across town?

I am OK here thanks Geoff, sunny Spain that sounds nice bit warmer there too cold here today


20C today-and set to get warmer-wish I was there


Hi when we decided to move our first thoughts were for Norfolk. Love the place, but other ties meant we came here instaed. Feel very envious though. Hope you mange to get your house/roof straight before the buyers arrive

My Parents moved to Spain a few years ago, now they are thinking of coming back, as they are inland and the winters there are still very cold, and summers boiling hot.  It is very difficult to grow lots of things over there, and both of them have got the full complement of 10 green fingers (unlike me who struggles with some things).

Property over there is dead cheap at the moment, which is why they are only 'thinking' of coming back.  Trouble is my Mum is missing my little ones growing up, which is why they'd like to come back.  We've sort of got two houses in the village (one ours, one shared with my OH's sister, which was his Dad's house), plan is to move over the road, bigger house, bigger garden, and try to keep our house & rent it - so they are thinking of 'renting' it from us, so the mortgage is covered.  Think if they do, they will be on the list for an allotment very quickly, as the back garden is not very big at all.  So I might end up sharing an allotment with them, which would be nice, as I can't manage one on my own, and OH is more than useless at Gardening - cars, DIY, electrics, anything like that he's brilliant at, but give him a bare-root plant and he's not sure which end to stick in the soil!


Hi Alan - glad you liked Wymondham - it's a nice place - just down the road from us 

Sorry your place has suffered in the bad weather - we've got a light dusting here - not nice but nothing like some people are having to cope with.  Good luck with selling it  

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