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Wow a fresh pallet and by the sounds of it more wildlife.

just remember to maintain the new garden for the first year and see what pops up.

you have a new beginning and don't look back. I know how you feel I wouldn't be happy moving. 


this is very sad hollie hope u like ur new garden

No doubt you'll shed a tear or two. As everyone has said it's a great new adventure. How about keeping in touch with current neighbours and next spring see if they can cadge stuff for you from your old garden.

Good Luck


Good luck Hollie, I'm so exicted for you. Life throws changes at us every day. Being a typical Taurus I am adverse to change but over the years I have learn't that change is not always negative. It makes us renew our view of life and start afresh. So embrace it with open arms and welcome it. I understand you being sad having to leave the garden that you have lovingly nurtured and the pleasure it gave you. Your happy memories of it will always be with you. Enjoy the new challenge and experience. Enjoy ! 


Know just how you feel Hollie. Good luck with your new projects - you can make lots of plans over the winter for the new plot though, and keep us updated with pix 



Good luck Hollie, take your "best friends" and a few cuttings.

hollie hock

Thank you all so much, I really appreciate itIt's all happened very quickly and will be in my new home next weekend There have been a few tears already!

I've been adding to my spring bulbs lately and I can remember where I planted most of them, so will definately dig them up and put in pots for the Spring. My newly planted Buddelia is also coming with me as well as a piece of  false sunflower. Thinking that I might take a small selection of plants that flower at different times of the year and ones that give off seeds/spreaders/easy to take cuttings.

I don't expect to see any plants popping up at my new place, it's a small plot and just looks like lawn but yes I think there's going to be a lot more wildlife. Landlords already said there's bats resting in the eves I'm hoping to hear some owls too

Thanks again, it's going to be a good move for me and yes your right a blank canvas to start again with



When I moved here I was only able to fetch a few choice plants with me.

Great -I can say with hindsight

It's meant i have been introduced to new plants and new gardening techniques to cope with the different land and climate

My few plants I have brought have settled OK but it has meant that I have not been in the situation where need to plant things that may not go in the hew style

trying to say new garden, new opportunities

hollie hock

Hi Matty, I get where you coming from I think it's going to be a bit colder where I'm going to and don't know yet what aspect the land is. Feel better now I've got a plan and I'm hopeful there's going to be some more land available for me to try out new things


Is it a long term let?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Whatever you leave behind, your new garden will more than fill the gap. 

hollie hock

Been up there again today, I love it

There's a lot of overgrown shrubs at the back which I don't know much about. There is some established buddleia  so won't be taking mine and some sort of  bamboo, spotted some hydrangeas as well.  There's a fairly large patio area, maybe great for pots and some cold frames

It will be a long let which is great Will take some pictures

Woodgreen wonderboy

Sounds like some serious cutting back and a bonfire may be in order... i will bring the red wine and mince pies...

hollie hock

sounds good Ww. A few favourites have been dug up , but it's very difficult to pick a few out! Focused mainly on the perennials, particulary those that have been grown from seed.

So far, Shanta Daisies, Purple Echinecias, a lovely mature Aqueila, some false sunflower, penstonmen. ragged robin.  All the seedlings that are on the go are coming as well.

I've got the feeling that some parts of the new garden will be damp and shady so the pulmonarias are coming, ferns, primoses (if I can see them) and maybe a foxglove. Will have to take a little bit of the purple Lupin as well.

I think then that will be it

They will all have to take their chance in pots over the winter, it would be good if some of them make it and see them again next year


Talk nice to them HH they'll survive. Wish you lots of luck with flitting and hope you've got some help



holly hock, I think your new garden sounds amazing. You may also end up loving the house as well as the garden this time. I'm actually quite jealous - would love to live in the country.


You must take a photo for us before you start work on your new garden I hope your move goes well 

Love James

Hollie hock remember to take some of the honesty you sowed from me

lots of pics please

hollie hock

Thanks everyone, been lucky and have had access to the place before the tenancy properly starts. So have been able to move a lot of boxes and smaller stuff, have even managed to unpack my books already ! Really just the big bits to go now.

Yes clk, I love the house already, think I've got over leaving my current garden behind. I feel very lucky as I've always wanted to live in the country side, it's so quiet!! Bliss.

Gardening will be a treat there, what ever the weather or the aspect of the garden.

Thanks for the reminder gardengirl about the honesty, will take some of these has well!! They have done so well and should flower next year.

Will definately takes some pictures and post them here, will properley be off line for a while but wont forget


Sounds great Hollie, with regard to quiet in the countryside---- we are 1.5 miles from the nearest house. The tractors roar up and down all day, the flock of starlings that come every year are deafening, there has been a bull in the adjoing field of cows and he has roared all night(scary!). We have bats in the loft and they make so much mess you wouldnt beleive it, everything is covered in very sticky wee, like treacle, everthing has to be covered with large sheets of cardboard and it stinks. I have to shower after going up there --- oh! The joys of country living, just joking (although true) enjoy your new house and garden.