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The Manic Slughunter

Last year I noticed during the end of 'Summer' about 40 what I think were spiders in my greenhouse...they were about an inch long, including legs, with a flat elongated diamond shaped body which is a greyish brown...odd colour...whilst out in my greenhouse today I saw the first one of this year in there...does anybody know whether they are spiders or is it a pest  and I just haven't realised yet:/ (not a huge fan of Boris and his family but I let them live and thrive ...unlike the slimy critters has anybody encountered them? Do I just let them breed and stay or evict them? Thanks for any replies and hopefully putting my mind at rest

flowering rose

I always encourage spiders as they eat all the little things that I dont like,flies,mites e.t.c.


Not sure if these are spiders-but then do not like spiders-sound something like green shield bug or similar

Picture would help

The Manic Slughunter

I've just looked up green shield bug and it's not that I should have got a picture:/ I'll go armed and ready tomorrow and see if I can find another one....and then the tricky part because I'm a real technophobe, try and upload the photo....stand by your messages to help lol


Count the legs for a start. 8 for a spider, 6 for an insect. Then a photo.


The Manic Slughunter

It had 8 I'm pretty sure, I brushed it up into the dustpan and launched it into the hedge quickly; have to confess I'm a coward when it comes to spiders, my dad used to catch HUGE drain spiders  put them in a jam jar and chase me round the orchard when I was little...hence I'm not their biggest fan lol...the body was nothing I've seen before but will sit it out until I manage to catch one and post the pic online...I've trawled through various sites containing spiders but so far haven't found anything like it:/ I think I can learn to live with them in the gh if they're beneficial but if not I'll be declaring war on them alongside the slugs


My greenhouse spiders don't cause any problem to the plants but they sh.. down the glass and make it look a mess.

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