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Thanks! The walls do give a lot of privacy - I'm right in the middle of town and not overlooked by anybody! They are grey granite, some about 15 ' high, and they act like giant storage heaters so I have my own little microclimate. Off to pick a garden posy - will be slim pickings I fear, mostly dicentra alba and pinky white aquilegias, I have a memorial service/ wake to attend at lunchtime, and we've all been asked to bring something from our gardens to decorate the table. Grey, chilly and overcast out there.

Hi Woo2, I have a half acre garden in Hampshire which, despite being here for 20 years, I still consider is in the before phase.  I intend every year to draw up the masterplan but get too excited and involved with the plants, sowing etc.  Luckily my OH has no interest in it so if I want/need another bed I just chop out another bit of the lawn.  I was going to add a picture but there don't seem to be any on this PC.


I am grumpy, it is still too damp here to garden, someone shoved a trolley into me in the shops and next door is having his patio cleaned, for 4 hours what a waste of water.

figrat what if you do not have a garden?


Cut the grass,cleaned out the chicken coop and for the second time this week added more soil to the potatoes growing in tubs- they seem to have put on 6 inches of growth in a week.

What now?


Have you made lunch? You could practise your spanish.




Lunched-cheese and piccalilli sandwiches and small piece of chocky cake-what happened to the lemon drizzle we was promised?



A spot of sunbathing?

I opted for the garden instead of the garden centre because I'm so far behind!

Planted out three rows of beets, a row of leeks and there's a rows space left for something surprising or herby from the garden centre as long as it fits in me crop rotations.

Sweetcorn have gone in the free bed with milk cartons over them because they are a little tender still and the strawberries I bought on a whim have been planted out next to the to grow on a year before cropping.

Other bed is free for me french beans, but not yet whilst the fifth one is full of rotten pampas grass at the moment since its got no soil in it and I need to store the mountain of organic matter ready to mulch the sun border when Im ready.

One more dig over there, and bit of leveling and raking, then the mulch will go down for the summer and someone chop my hands off if I start planting in it before autumn!


Wintersong I am envious of your gardening, too wet to plant here

Estoy a la espera de la llovizna de limon tambien.


Barcelono 2-Real Madrid 3

Ws -the sun is not shining-but in7 days-yay-

what other interests do you have other than the garden?


Geoff is that a prediction, how much do I put on?


Yo estaba hablando español

100000 pesetas


Where do I find lira?


Down the back of the Dolmio sofa



 maybe that is where the tomato seeds are too


Good morning--jury is still out on the weather-lots of grey cloud, but it's not actually raining. I fancy growing some globe artichokes in the west garden-but it's probably too late to start from seed, if I can find any. Don't think deer will eat them, and they are perennial,aren't they?

Today is shopping day, and the plant selling lady is here -she comes with plants once a week. I shall ask her.

Hi guys, thank you all for the lovely welcome and all the info you provided, your gardens sounds lovely. I have taken some 'before' photos, gonna be a long time for the 'afters' lol. However I will upload what pics i have, just need to find my camera hasnt seen daylight since we moved here, which is soooooo frustrating especially at times like this. Will make it a job for the weekend. Just got home from work, have been looking forward to getting in the garden all day and thought that although its very dull and cloudy the rain would hold off but alas as i write its gone extremely dark and yes little spots are hitting the window!.

I hadnt heard of the programme Beechgrove til reading here last night but luckily I have sky tv and its repeated on Sundays at 12pm so have set it up to record. Am looking forward to it.

The rain doesnt seem to be coming to much so Im gonna chance to get changed! Speak soon x


Hello Woo-you should enjoy Beechgrove-

that is the drawback of working- you can't pick your days


Woo2 hope you got some gardening jobs done.

I was just thinking about tonights GW then remebered it was not on, what shall I do now