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Deanos Diggin It

@Kate 1123,  Thank for your welcome!

@Koalagirl, Yeah! It's the start of it, but very much work in progress!

Both myself n my good friend had a few hours on our plot after work today, n after a bit of head scratching n pondering, and we are pretty meticulous at what we do! We think we have come up with the perfect solution! n will keep ya posted! so on that note, here is a few before's! 


Dean - your plot looks so tidy  I am lookinhg forward to see how it progresses

figrat wrote (see)

@ Geoff - bring back some sunshine for us all please!

And to all - this has I must admit given me the heebie jeebies. Looks like we've got another pest on a lily beetle scale on its way.

I have had these beetles on my Lavender plants - they are very beautiful but I am not keen!

Pam x

p.s I think I have homes for all my plants Geoff

Rob Stevens

@Wintersong  - They are Doctor Ruppel and The President. Both of them look gorgeous . I'm guessing it's going to be next year before I see any flowers though.



Oh I have both those, although The President got neglected and this will be its first flowers for some years. I also took cuttings last year from all my Clematis, of which I have four successfully growing on but I will have to wait for flowers as well since the labels washed off!

Deanos Diggin It

Hi Lilylouise! Thanks! n must admit after watching your video of your garden a few day's back! That must be one huge labour of love!! Good on ya!!!

Rob Stevens

@Wintersong - Oops! Ah well, it'll be a nice surprise. What else do you have?

Just potted mine up. I thought while I was out there being the wierd guy who gardens in the rain I may as well pot on a load of dwarf sunflower seedlings too.

Really need this rain to go away though. The veg patch is starting to look like a swimming pool!


Bye-bye everbody-thanks for the good wishes- hope the weather perks up soon.

Kate and KG hope the weddings go ok

I will definitely come back as a bronzed adonis


@Rob, Oh dear, your veg patch is soaking!

This rain might be good for the plants (my sedum are acting like giant sponges) but its no good for areas that us gardeners want to cultivate more intensely. The ground around my veg plot is a mudbath at the moment although I have managed to plant out red and white onions, lettuce, beetroot and leeks whilst my broad beans and french beans are waiting for nicer temperatures.

On the clematis side of things, I also have Miss Bateman, Josephine, Jackmanii, John Paul II, Alpina and montana Rubens. I'm hoping to increase variety over the next couple of years since they are such a joy and so easy to grow. I tend to buy the little pots or the half dead ones at the end of the season because I know they will come back next year. Apart from random purchases, my preferences would be Clematis Seiboldii, Ville de Lion, one called Will Goodman and a Bill Mackenzie.


@Geoff, enjoy your hols.

gardeningfantic wrote (see)
joslow wrote (see)

Sorry to butt in, but what are the flowers in the photo with prurple and white flowers and pink drumsticks?

do you mea this large plant pale lilac colour is called "cupids dart," the  the bees love it.. hard to get rid of thou once you have it.. i have dug this up and moved it several times.. it keeps coming back.. very deep tuber root.. easy to grow from seed.

it sounds like thin paper in the wind.. lovely plant.

Thanks for that, I will ask my local nursery if they stock it.

Hi all, lovely to read all your posts. Those on holiday, I hope you have a great time. Kate, enjoy the wedding and hope the flowers arrive intact after all your hard work.

Dean...some great work going on there, well done.

Excitable boy.....Thornbury Wyevale is about 5 mins away from me so you must live close! I went there between Xmas and New Year and bought several bargains in their sale including a beautiful Hellebore for £3.50 which has flowered really well. At the moment the forecast is not too bad for us this weekend so will hopefully beable to spend hours outside

@Gardeningfanatic and your greenhouses look amazing, im sooooo jealous lol. I came home to a disaster today, As well as a small greenhouse, i have one of those mini ones with the polythene covers. Unfortunately a couple of days ago the zip broke and the 'door' has been flapping about so I turned it around to face the wall hoping to protect it but alas today it all blew over, seed trays and seedling everywhere and the puppy having a great time running through the lot  As I was behind with all my seeding anyway this has set me back even further. Think my garden will be an embarrassment this year! Can anybody loan me a fairy with an efficient wand????

Rob Stevens
@Woo2 - commiserations on that! Any of it salvageable?



What a terrible shame

This weather really is ghastly.

@Rob and Wintersong. Managed to salvage sunflowers but the other seedlings were just too small and fragile   The puppy was the only one who had any fun!

Never mind, nothing more I can do about it now.....onwards and upwards 


So sorry to hear about your disaster, Woo---but you seem to have the right attitude. We have all faced disappointments in our gardening endeavors--having everything wiped out by hungry deer springs to mind-luckily, the season is young yet!


@woo2.. that is such a shame.. it is heartbreaking when it gets destroyed lost the roof to mine last winter.. lost everything inside as hubby woudnt go out and mend it for me

@lillyloiuse.. you are so lucky all those greenhouses.. wish i had space for me.. well i have but hubby wants it for large veg patch. i have to be honest and say i put all my cosmos and rudbeckia etc outside at weekend.. as the green housee floor was also impassable really.. and i am just so fed up with not being able to put them out... potted up the osteospurnums yesterday as raining and couldnt get outisde and they needed it.

@dean.. i am very green with envy at your polytunnels.. the are coming on a treat.. kep the pictures coming.

@joslow.. thats ok.. happy to share.. they should stock it. that one in picture is about 4 years old now and gets biger every eyar.. will add picutre of it this year when flowering... when it has jus cut it all down and it will reshoot.


@woo.. waht were you growing.. i have cosmos.. rudbeckia.. scabious.. geraniums.. ox eye daisy... river daisy.. pansies.. all mixed colours.. and runner beans.. fernch beans.. peas... brocolli.. sprouts.. let me know i can send you some.. if you wish.. thou some are big now and postage be littlte higher than seeds.. but sure we can sort something out. let me know.