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Pottie Pam

KG and David lovely photos.

Winter you have some amazing plants.

Wow, Geoff, you did catch the sun,but it looks a bit like fake tan to me. Is that Cody beside you?I thought you left him at home. Sorry about the chicks. The foxes are even worse this time of year trying to feed their babies. I've lost so many in spite of doing everything  to keep them safe.


@Geoff, sorry to hear about your chook loses

@KG, Glad to have you back!


kate1123 wrote (see)

@Excitable boy, you have a son who goes outside, where did you find him???

Lol, very witty and ties in nicely with a lack of photos as my youngest used the batteries from my camera in his controller. I have commandeered them today and its hands off the charger until I'm done

Finally done Jubilee planting of climbing beans - red flowered Scarlet Runners, White flowered Moonlight, blue (ish) flowered Cosse Violette. No, I didn't plan it that way, just got inspired! Must have sunstroke...

Here's my garden today



  And Veg plot before

 And after or so's a work in progress.

 My garden still looking like a building site in areas but I'm happy with the progress so far


I have since 8am-cut grass and strimmed,planted up wall baskets, planted up more containers,weeded,sprayed weeds on pathway,ate lunch glanced at papers,sorted out tomatoes in greenhouse and now need to sow french beans.

It is looking tidier

Cody home



@figrat very patriotic.

@wintersong you have been busy , I am impressed

@Geoff- what do you need to do with french beans??


Have also shaded the greenhouse.

Kate-french beans-je ne compris pas-je as sown 'em


@wintersong.. your garden is looking lovely.. what is that plant around bottom of your clematis.. is it an iris in bud or something else..

Also like the way your path moves round the garden... just looking for tips as trying to decide on what mine will be like..


@gardenfantic, Eremurus/ Foxtail Lily.


this is a weigelia i got that has cream and pink fowers on the same branch.. its gorg

 and this is me trying to get a clever piccie of my aliums




Your alliums are a little ahead of mine, funnily enough last year I had two clumps of 6, and I don't know why but this year I have one clump of 9 and a single one in the other clump. There is leaf but no flowers.



@wintersong.. right.. i have one in my garden.. well it is supposed to be..but it does not look like your one.


@wintersong.. yeah last year i had alliums in groups but they didnt do well.. so planted them this year in single bulbs and or bar 2 come up! so happy with that really. ust have to get more to finish of otehr borders.. i love them and as i have snady soil here they love it to.



@gardenfantic, dito. I've had mine for a couple of years and they look great against the yellow leaf of my Spiraea Goldflame, but I planted over them last year and I think I disturbed a bunch of them so that there was leaf this year but no flower.

I plan to get loads more this autumn for the middle garden, along with as many Tulips as I can afford

I'm also going to be dividing my Eremurus which is about ten years old and with the twenty flower spikes this year, I think it won't mind the separation.

My objective for next year is to improve my drift planting  technique which is rather crap this year as I am beginning to discover too late in the season to change it, but oh hum, t'is a learning curve and next year will be even better once my perennials have bulked up


@wintersong.. i love tulips.. thou they didnt do well this year so will buy more..

that is an age for your Eremurus.. i only planted mine last year..they lok fingers crossed they will flower this year.. thou the leaves are different to yours.. long thin and spike upwards..

Drift planting.. i would love that thou not enough space.. hubby states that if i want that i will have to make the borders bigger,, move all my plants about and buy more he has got it in one..thou he doesnt know it yet

thats what i love about gardening.. you can change it roundif you not happy with it when it all flowers.

we are in middle of building a patio inthe sahde for hubby as he cant sit in sun as he is in his second all clear year out of five from melanoma skin cancer..  i will add piccies soon.. my bricklaying leaves a bit to be desired but hey.. we have done it ourselves and we are not brickies.


gardeningfantic wrote (see)

that is an age for your Eremurus.. i only planted mine last year..they lok fingers crossed they will flower this year.. thou the leaves are different to yours.. long thin and spike upwards..

we are talking about the same plant? here is mine

 Sorry, couldn't get my cursor outside the quote box


@wintersong.. yeah.. i bought a tuba with very long roots and was told it was an orange foxtail lily.. i have planted it and it is has spiked upwards thin long leafs from the base of the plant.. they are very simular colour of carnation leaves.. but not so bluey if you get me.. i will get a picture of it tomorrow so you can see it..

i am beginning to think i have been ripped off..


As I am sure you are aware, the bulbs have a central growth point and very brittle, spider-like roots that sit flat on the ground. They are shallow rooted and hate winter wet.

Much like Peonies, I think age is a major factor in their performance since last year was the first year that I got more than two flower stems and I noticed the growth points this spring were very fat indeed in comparison to very modest ones just a few years back.

Keep us up to date with the progress of yours