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Hi there, are there any gardeners out there who are taking part in Movember this year?  If so, there is a gardening Team called Bristling Gardners which I will be joining. Also on twitter.

p.s.  Hope I haven't broken any rules, couldn't see any that applied.


I hope I won't be joining. I keep on plucking them out.


Lol FB 


Don't think mine are as bad as that

Beam me up Scotty - I must go to Barcelona 



I will if I don't get the need the epilator out soon


I'm gonna give it a go, never tried a Moustache on its own yet :P


Better get permission from the OH, Matt. They tend to cause a terrible rash.


Its a good job there is no OH unless your saying I kiss my garden on a regular basis? :P

star gaze lily

No sorry i'd rather not, trying to keep them at bay. Its in a good cause but on the whole not a fan as Fb says the tend to cause a rash and they tickle too

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