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ooh don't know how that happened, sorry

star gaze lily

Ooops, you've got hiccups

I like anything and everything except opera sorry 

Have the radio on in the garden  ( quietly) sometimes, most times i like the peace and quiet of the garden


Have you got  the hiccups donutsmrs? 

No need for music with all the birds singing! Definitely my preference.

Busy Bee2

Years ago we built some steps and a patio and retaining wall to the sound of 'Chet Atkins - Guitar pickin' man'.  Whenever I hear it (which isn't often) I think of bricks and cement.  Occasionally we put a record on on the lounge windowsill and open the window - usually something classical, complete with the noise of the fluff on the needle.  And I listen to Radio Four when I tidy up the shed.



I need something to drown out the screaming children LLass. The poor birds don't stand a chance unless it's pouring with rain or they're at school.

Just birdsong would be glorious 

Orchid Lady

I'm with FG on that, although with teenagers it's more the sound of arguing normally 

I adore Radio 4 and carry my radio around in plastic carrier bag so I can hear it. I love plays, stories and other stuff on there. I have to admit it does get stuffy at times and then it is Radio 3 / Classic FM!

Ashleigh 2
Fairygirl wrote (see)

We were all 'newbies' at one time too 

A while back we had a thread about all the daft things we had done in our gardens and the mistakes we had made. It was a great laugh! 


Tracey-Newbie wrote (see)

I suppose it depends what sort of mood we are in, sometimes I listen to Einaudi (pianist) and others I will listen to my favourites playlist on my iPod, which includes a very diverse range from Bolero to Footloose.....which of course I have it have a little jig to (my best friend calls it my song!)

I think we have the same playlist Tracey! 

star gaze lily wrote (see)


I like anything and everything except opera sorry 


It's ok lily -  I won't hold it against you  



All the more for us then Fg   just like cake LOL

Orchid Lady

I'm with FG. On that one too.....sorry,mi have tried to like it and I do like a bit (that is is Philadelphia) but that's all 

Ashleigh, it's good to know there is someone as mad as me out there ha ha 


Did you mean the Callas version of 'la mamma morta' they use in the film Philadelphia, Tracey?

It's a stonking piece of work. The definitive version. 

Mr Hanks earned his Oscar right there in those  few minutes. You'd need to have a heart of stone not to moved by that piece, even if you don't know what she's singing about. 

Orchid Lady

I have no idea at all what she is singing about but bawl my eyes out every time!! It is truly beautiful.


You see - that's all you have to do Tracey! It's the emotion of it. You don't have to know the story. It's usually a bit  like Shakespeare though - boy meets girl, boy goes off with someone else, boys dress as girls and vice versa, some stuff happens and someone dies .

Then the fat lady sings.

That's opera folks  


Orchid Lady

You make it sound so simple FG and made me laugh ha ha.  I do actually like Shakespeare and ballet too 


Fairy G, Placido IS MINE, I bet I saw him first! I so like the fact that he has made the transition from Tenor to Baritone in his old age; I've made the transition from Alto to Tenor, now I'm nearly 30. Problem is, in our tiny local choir I was quite happy singing along an octave below the fruit flies (sorry, Sopranos), and then along came 2 serious singers who can sight read OFF THE PAGE and now I'm expected to sing Tenor along with them; I now have about 15 pieces that I have to painfully pick out on the piano at home and learn.

In the garden, I tend to only sing when I have the lawn mower, the drill or the jig saw going so no one can really hear me and then it's the Alto bits from Handel's Messiah.


Well you're almost there then!

I generalised obviously 

Of course - the big Wagnerian wimmin with the Viking helmets and pigtails are another matter entirely....

The Ring - is not my thing! 

PS - I've PMd you Tracey

Orchid Lady

Thanks FG, replied 

The difference with you and I singing in the garden artjak is that I can't all! I just do anyway LOL.......I may well be to blame for all the rain we have been having 

star gaze lily

Please stop singing for awhile then Tracey, my garden can't take anymore