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Mike - a lovely thought - but I do think that it's risky - this forum isn't just read by us but also by nasty types all over the world who have other games to play.  A friend's account on a similar forum was hacked and all sorts of awful things happened to his other internet activities - if you give your home address you're exposing yourself to other risks - every time you mention that you're going somewhere THEY know that your home will be empty - burglary in your home would be a horrid experience.

Can I suggest that instead of giving your name and phone number out on the board, you give it by PM to one or two trusted people - then if we want to get in touch with you we can PM them and they can pass it on - then you'll be able to sleep safe in your bed and we won't worry that you're exposing yourself to risks. 


Dove is right.  Whatever you do, do not put personal details on your profile.  Especially name address and phone number.  Some forum members do meet up for one reason or another, but they have built up a level of trust and don't put their personal information out there for everyone else to see.

Sadly the internet is not a safe place.


As my friend has only recently been 'hacked and attacked' I'm very aware of the dangers, which are far greater than many of us are aware.  

It's really really lovely that Mike trusts us - but there are Odd Bods and Malevolent Beings out there who make it their business to cause problems - even on a Gardening Forum.  


My friends daughter, living on her own in a flat, told someone on Facebook that she was going on holiday. The day after she left, she got burgled. She didn't have much before, even less when they'd done.  It could be coincidence,but.....


star gaze lily

I thought the same Mike when I read this yesterday, but like David didn't want to make first comment. 

Dove is  right it could lead to all sorts of unpleasant things.


It has taken my friend months to get his affairs back in order as email and bank accounts were frozen due to suspicious activity on them - he was abroad at the time and chaos ensued - he used to work for HMF and is therefore very security conscious, but they even got him - the only way he found out that his details etc had been cloned was that because of his previous job his internet activity was being monitored by the British Army security!!!


I agree. It's not the people you see on the forum, it's the people you don't see. But they see us


Totally agree nut.  I think we're all aware of the thoroughly unpleasant cowards who trawl the web .

Sadly, this is the bad side of the internet. Mike has witnessed the good side  - I'd hate him to be a victim of the nasty bit.

Nice thought Mike but the dangers are there.  No personal details online.  There are some very sick and unpleasant people out there.  Took a while but we traced a nasty guy who responded to a item for sale by a neighbour.  She gave him too much info and the calls came.......


I advertised some all female cucumber plants on gum tree last year. You should see the warped replies I got.


Contact them and ask them - if the hospital have passed on your details they deserve a good rocketing!!! 

Of course, it may be that you're just noticing these things more, what with your improved eyesight 

....................... I'll get my coat 


Just a thought - the mind boggles at the post Mike might get following his op 

David, that doesn't surprise me at all. Internet behemoths like google trace our every move,every mouse click. All sorts of info about us is harvested...every time I browse Amazon I get adverts following me from site to site,adverts featuring whatever goods I was viewing.If you have a smartphone,google will ask permission to pinpoint your location.A profile of us is built up in order to target us with products,its scary stuff and that's just what we know about.

PS - If I disappear,you'll know that my post has been read by sinister forces :-P

Hope someone messaged Mike telling him this. The internet isn't always a lovely place