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Wendy 11

Hi, I live in London, with only a balcony, but I am also now tending to planters in my forecourt, so i have joined this forum looking for help and advise, as I really am a beginner, Ok i have containers and window boxes but that is it, until recently, but I know have the gardening bug, and cannot wait to start


and me welcome . think there  a lady on here who grows in pots and containers and has won  garden comps this year


Hi Wendy


Hello Wendy   



Hello Wendy

Even the gardeners on here who have large gardens will also have things in pots. I've got far too many, that's because I buy plants and don't have room for them

Wendy 11

Great to meet you all, just wondering what needs to be done at this time of year, is anyone thinking of buying plugs, I just cannot wait to start I have bulbs coming up in containers, its very exciting for me as i haven't really taken any notice before.

Is it best to wait ? to buy, we are getting such nice weather I fell like it is spring.


Hi, we weren't far from you at the weekend, and yes it was almost springlike - but it's a bit early to start buying tender things yet - have a look at catalogues and books and make some plans - do you know what bulbs are peeping though?


Hi Wendy. Beware, there is a long time to go before winter is done.

What you can do is to think what you might want to grow from seed, and you can start ordering from catalogues or buying from GCs. You can then start sowing seeds indoors in mid-February, if you have a window sill with good light. You can also start to plan other plants you might want to grow, plenty of shrubs and small trees grow well in pots.

Planning is at least half of the fun.

Wendy 11

Yes i know i am getting a bit ahead of myself


I have been sorting out these large planters in the last 2 weeks, that i have kind of took over , no one was tending them for years, so they were in quite a mess, but now are looking to look like they should. But of course I have to think of what should go in them etc, so am trying to find out more.

Hi Wendy.  I'm quite new to this forum too, and am really enjoying the exchange of information from other keen gardeners.  I've just been to my local nursery and spent some of my Christmas garden vouchers on 2 Winter flowering shrubs for containers: a Hamamelis Mollis 'Pallida' and a Sarcococca Confusa. (I must say I've been heavily influenced by the Great Garden Revival programmes!)  Apart from seeds, you might want to look at the various Summer bulbs you can grow in pots too.  Enjoy!

Welcome Wendy.  Look forward to your questions, comments and opinions.   

Patsy you will love both of those scemted shrubs.  I think Mollis Pallida is the best of the witch hazels.  I can see those yellow "spiders" from my kitchen window ...they are fascinating flowers.  Not sure if I said hello to you but "hello" Patsy 

Hello Verdun!  Yes, I'm delighted with my new shrubs and will choose some worthy containers for them.  Was quite lucky (I think) as another variety of Hamamelis was on offer at £10 cheaper than the asking price, and my nice friendly nurseryman said I could have the Pallida at the same price - it's about 3.5ft tall.

Nothing better right now.....ok, maybe my hellebores, ha ha.  Been trying to get something blue to harmonise with it.  The nearest is a tall pale blue iris that just manages it.  But I  have a couple of purple stocks that are currently flowering in front at the moment.  Actually a nice mix of scent too 

Orchid Lady
Hi Wendy welcome to the forum, I'm sure you will get loads of good tips and help on here. I am fairly new too and you sound a bit like me....wanting spring now because we want it get started. I have made my sweet pea pots today and am sowing my seeds hopefully later. Sweet peas are lovely in big pots and you can start them now if you want to get going


Isn't it early for Stocks to flower?  It is in Kent!  However, some of my Hellebores are in flower and some well on their way.   I haven't yet sown my Sweet Peas, but will do in the next couple of weeks. I have a Salix in a very tall pot and sow Sweet Peas around it so they trail - looked quite good last year.  Any ideas yet, Wendy?

Orchid Lady
Your head will be buzzing with ideas Wendy, mine is after not even a week on here, already planning changes to the garden which were not previously being considered!! I also love my pots though, even though I have a wide border. I have tree Lillie's in pots and bought some cheap at the end of last summer as they were dying off so can't wait to see what they look like. I've also planted 3 varieties of tulips (from GW) in 3 different pots, they are just starting to pop up and I can't wait to see what they look like either. This summer is going to be so colourful and exciting

Wendy, you have one great advantage in where you live, temperature!

The temperature in inner london, just where you are in southwark, will be about 2 degrees above the temps shown on bbc weather forecasts.

The range of what you can grow will the envy of most of us.

You can grow tropicals and the whole range of what is grown normally in the UK.

Even in a confined space you can pack a lot in.

I envy the temperature, but not living in London, I know I lived down there for 20 years, but it was a great place to garden.

Orchid Lady
Southwark, just near Borough market! I LOVE it there and not been for a few years. Might have to plan a trip to London this year I think

Hello Wendy.

I'm lucky enough to have a big garden, but I have pots on the terraces around the house. I'm growing winter pansies, violas (which are flowering now), bulbs, double daisies and wallflowers. In late May these will be past their best and I plant up the pots with summer bedding. I also have large pots with roses, clematis, a star jasmine, a golden philadelphus and a dwarf rhododendron.

Violas should still be on sale in garden centres now, also primroses, for some colour until it's warm enough for summer plants.