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Hi all I've just joined the forum! I'm a complete gardening novice and having just moved I'm now in a position to tackle the garden. Problem is I don't really know what is a plant and what is a weed!!! I've got some photos to put up in the hope that someone can tell me what I need to get rid of and what to keep, but I can't work Out how to add the photos!! Would appreciate any help! Looking forward to getting to know you all and hopefully learning lots from you all!!

Hello Snarfy - welcome to the forum.

To add the photos:-

Just click on the little green tree icon on the top bar under your name and then follow the instructions.  

star gaze lily

Hi Snarfy, pleased to meet you.


lots of friendly people on here to help and give advice. Hope you find it very helpful.


To put pics on here, click on the 'tree' and then follow instructions to upload your pics, hope that help

Thank you all! Can't see a little tree but I'm guessing that's because I'm on my phone?!



Yes - that'll be it.  Can you get at a laptop or something? 


If you don't have access to a PC or laptop, you can upload them from your phone to a photo site like picassa, then paste the picassa links here.  Folk will have to click the links to see them though so the PC route is best, then the photo's will appear in the thread.

Ok thank you!! I've got a lap top. Will get on that!

Thanks again!


Ditto, I myself am in the same boat - just moved and new to gardening! Quite fortunate as it is fairly small space and low maintenance but really want to make the most of it and put my stamp on it! I can't wait 

Hi everyone!!

Hello Snarfy,

Im happy to see you planning on getting out in the garden we all love it! Id like to offer you some advice, for example a good website for information and planning is Shoot gardening: they have a garden planning tool too!

To then buy the plants you plan on buying ive found and use a website called Letsgoplanting who offer extremely high quality plants for very affordable costs, plus they give 2 free mystery plants away with every order, their website is


Should check these out And hopefully you have your garden looking great in no time



Plantaholic would you by any chance be doing a bit of advertising?

3 posts by you with recommendations to visit a certain website that sell plants



Orchid Lady

3 posts on 3 new member threads, my name says newbie, but I notice you haven't make any recommendations on my threads asking for help - of which there are a few. Not that I want it! I have established forum members helping me, but just an observation 


Snarfy, If you're still around let me explain. This forum gets lots of SPAM advertisers (normally for kitchens) coming on this site pretending to be genuine members and giving you links to their websites (or websites they're paid to advertise). This is NOT allowed under the forums you have to agree to when joining up and certainly not fair on those companies who pay to advertise (and thus pay towards keeping this forum going).

This is why you will see what looks like members taking quite the strong reaction to a persons post. We're fed up of them!


We await your photographs with interest and hope to help you very soon.

Orchid Lady

Forgot to say welcome Snarfy and please don't take any of these comments personally 



Snarfy's behaviour has been fine.

Plantaholic posted the ads.

I'm just waiting for snarfy's photos. 



Hi Snarfy Should have said hello to you.

Orchid Lady
Are you still there wanting help Snarfy, you seemed to have disappeared, hope we didn't scare you off because the help from the people that have posted in here (most of them) is brilliant

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