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 Can anyone can spare the time to advise me?

I need to buy a new PC tomorrow.

I currently run Windows XP with Internet explorer 6  I know that even with Norton security I am at risk and need to upgrade and get a new PC, my system is slow and cannot access Youtube etc.

I would still like a Window's package but don't know which as so many reports about 8 being poor. I don't really know what questions I should ask when considering buying.

Any views and help would be so appreciated. KEF


Having heard OH pulling his hair out after PC workstation crashed, I would always recommend that windows based computers are consigned to the compost heap , and indulge in an Apple product.

20 years of Apples and I've never had a problem,unlike PC's I have to use at work.

Anyway, surely Apples are best for gardeners.


I'm definitely a die-hard PC user, and Windows 7 imho is the best platform. 8 is a git because it was built for touchpads but 7 is your classic interface but just runs nicer and smoother. 

Norton isn't the best antivirus, plus it's expensive. I use Avast Antivirus, and there's a free version available for personal computer use. It's never steered me wrong

With accessing Youtube, make sure your flash players are all up to date. May I ask what internet browser you use?


Thanks Fidget do you get all the other stuff like music & photos etc on Apple? Now I am showing just how thick I am


You're not thick at all! It's really confusing, especially since it all updates so fast.

Apples are made for images and music, so you'd have no problem at all with that. They're really easy for people who get intimidated by computers easily since they're mainly drag and drop.  

The biggest problem with Apples is they are very, very expensive. For an 800 quid standard Apple computer, for the same price and shopping about you could get a PC that's twice as powerful and fast.



My applelaptop is 8 years old, used every day,brill for photos, great for music, great for browsing.

Have you looked at tablet rather than pc what do you need to do on it, if it's for browsing the net rather than work type stuff have a look at the tablets with detachable key board Microsoft surface Asus transformer are both good

Kef, there is an apple shop in Meadowhell. The geeks in there can show you lots of things , and how easy everything is.

My first one was given to me on loan, with no instructions, dead easy to use, everything very intuitive, and after i took it back, I went straight out and bought one.

They are more expensive, but saves a lot of hair pulling out and frustration.


Bk thanks for reply. Google and when I installed Chrome hoping it might improve matters  I had to uninstall as Internet explorer and outlook express disappeared.

Fidget thanks for info.  OH happy to play on tablet with Chrome. I used Apple years ago at work and did like it.

    Dunno if I have funds for an Apple if I chose one .

Have I read recently that Windows 7 & won't be sold after Jan14 so will microsoft support cease  not that I currently have any


Ann, hi,

I want a PC on my work station with a pile of books and paper around it and attached to my printer ( I know you can attach to other devices) I like a chair and a place, bit of an old fashion thing me


 thats ok Kef we all have our little ways   i like techy things a laptop and two printers live at my work station, an Asus transformer travel around the house and garden an iphone lives in my hand bag  or pocket and i have recently bought an ipad mini that will also travel in my hand bag NO i dont NEED them before anyone asks 


The real problem KEF is that as soon as you get a new comp/tablet/OS its out of date by the time you've driven home, such is the speed of technological advance now. That said, I've seen computers in the local GP's surgery and hospitals that are still using XP. I pointed out to a pharmacist recently that they needed to upgrade, she had been running through my medication with me and confessed she knew nothing about computers.

I'm still using windows 7 and think support will be around for a while yet...hopefully 


I'd go for Windows 7.
Now that support has ceased for XP, Win7 is the next best option.
I'm not a fan of Win8 even with the new makeover.
Win10 I think will be available in a year or so.

A good place to look is the Dell Outlet site - I paid £800 for top spec PC (I'm not a gamer so have no need for a fancy and expensive graphics card) but has 3TB disk, 24GB RAM and 3.2GHz i7 processor. It is also very quiet when running which is important to me.


If you uninstalled Internet explorer, Outlook would disappear since it's all part of the package. You can reinstall it fairly easily though, just search it on google


Chrome is very good as a browser, so I'm surprised that it won't run youtube videos. Will the pages just not load or are the videos themselves broken (and the rest of the site running okay)?




Thanks for link Fidget

Grateful for any replies I'll check back in the morning


go for Wimdows 7 unless you actually want a touchscreen .  It's a very good system, you should get a good deal and be able to haggle for an even better price.  Ask for best price, look at what is available on line (so you know what the computer is worth when you go into the store) and then ask for laptop bag (if you go for a laptop) and discounts for Microsoft office.  If you opt for extended warranty ask for an extra discount for this too.  Don't  ask and you won't get.  Salesmen desperately need to sell, remember that .  Don't forget to get anti virus for free or half price and ask for the best system they have.  I have great fun haggling for my element esp when the salesman initially says he cannot drop his prices.  

i think Apple macs are grossly overpriced.  I have an's excellent but not without its glitches. I pay for an IPhone (but own a Nokia ) which is excellent too but is no better than other cheaper phones.

microsoft will still service Wimdows 7 for few years yet.  Decide too on what specs you want in your computer and possibly which brand.  This makes it easier to compare prices

Good luck KEF.  Enjoy the haggling.


Just popped back in, thanks for all info  Bet I don't sleep tonight  

BKnitter I confused you, I downloaded Google chrome today and lost access to internet explorer/outlook so removed it and went back to plain old Google( don't laugh) Youtube won't run due to old browser same with a lot of websites.  

OH has Chrome on tablet and is happy with it. Bought him that so he didn't break the PC lol!   That's my job



..I wonder who your ISP is?  if you're with EE - formerly Orange - you get Norton 360 free for one year and half price after that... work smoothly with Norton so that it doesn't slow down your pc or laptop... you need a reasonable amount of RAM - the memory -  I've got 8GB on mine and that's fine, I wouldn't want anything less... mine is a laptop with Windows 8.1... I've got used to it now....I rather like it..didn't at first... so nothing to be afraid of..and it's the latest system.. but all down to what you can afford really...

..wouldn't you like a nice laptop?

Have you thought about Apple iPad 

I would not be with mine