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Quite a few of my friends have started keeping pots for me and combined with the recycling tub at a local garden centre, I'm usually quite well stocked with empties!

At the weekend I got another consignment and it was time to sort them all out into their various shapes and sizes. The Mrs thinks I'm a bit odd taking time to do this and she laughs when I say it gives a sense of achievement.

Anyone else like to keep their pots in order?


My pots are all neat and tidy on shelves in my shed


if i didnt keep them in order i wouldnt get into my shed


I'm a bit messy but OH is a 'clean freak' so if he goes into the shed pots end up being sorted and tidied 

hollie hock

I try to keep them organised and tidy but it soon becomes chaotic again......they seem to multiply



Yep, I keep my pots tidy too. All gets a bit untidy during spring and summer, but then organise myself in autumn to get ready for spring.


mine willbe sorted and shelved at the back of the summer house  soon  hope

Good to know I'm not alone!


Mine are sorted by size on ex plastic greenhouse shelving at the back of the garage so they're handy when I'm out there potting up and potting on.   Every now and then if the shelves get too crowded I have a sort through and take surplus pots to the recycling centre.

I mostly have the same size square pots and keep them all together stacked in a tall plastic laundry basket.



All sorted into sizes and stacked on shelves with seed trays and saucers for under pots all in piles,makes it a lot easier for the following year.

At least it always starts in an organised manner even if it does,nt last too long

 Silver Surfer
Mine are washed and sorted, as well as the stones to block the holes in the bottom of the pots, and stacked on the shelves in the Summerhouse.
The potty gardener

Another job for me tomorrow !!!! Mine have gotout of hand so shall be washed and sorted tomorrow. I can do that even if it rains

Used to have thousands when I propagated and sold plants.  Still have loads and get the urge now and then to sort them.  

Good hygiene is important  with pots but I'm bit lazy so I often domt bother.


Ceramic Pots in outside storage unit. Plastic ones in bags in the garage (different bag for each size).

Usually though, other things get put in front of and on top of bags - so still end up scrabbling about to get to right bag....How I envy organised folk.


No expert

Washed with jayes Fluid and water and stacked.

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