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Given the weather forecast for Sunday (with galeforce winds), should I be doing anything to protect my plants?  I'm thinking of cutting down my roses (which are still blooming), but that's as far as I've got.  

Thanks for your help.


I've moved pots into a sheltered corner and made sure garden furniture can't blow over and damage plants.  We're going to be away for the weekend, so the lid of the growhouse is wedged so that the plants get plenty of air but hopefully a strong wind won't blow the lid off .  I've not cut my roses back as our garden is quite sheltered, but if your roses are particularly exposed it might be an idea to reduce their height a bit to avoid windrock - what do others think?

If I had climbing or rambling roses on the house or on fences I'd make sure they are well tied in to prevent them whipping about and causing damage or even a danger to anyone passing by. 

star gaze lily

Yes Dove I agree,  and thats exactly what I planned to do today!  Except its chucking it down at the mo, I just hope it stops soon to give me a chance!!

Thanks so much!  I'll have to get out tomorrow morning to cut back my roses, and as you suggest, Dove, I should also move the garden furniture and pots to a sheltered spot.  I meant to do the roses today but got distracted by harvesting apples -- I also felt reluctant to cut the rose blooms off as they still look so pretty!


have left most of my roses, but made sure that the climbers/ramblers are well tied in.

I have moved tall plants and my Olives into the GH, I have left out my Bay, which is in a long tom type pot, but that is because I am unsure how healthy it is.

I have some young trees so I checked the tree ties and did move one further up the main stem.

I made sure any plants waiting to go into garden are in a protected area, but do have my doubts about that.

Moved garden furniture in if possible and keeping my fingers crossed big time for anything else



my sycamores got most of its leafs and its on a slope ,could be a long couple  of nights  flask of coffee and box of cakes in porch . 


couple of night archiepem? One will do me. I think it's from early Monday here.


Didn't say - have brought my wind up radio in from GH in case electricity goes because of cables


The way they have been going on about it has got everyone so worried.  Let's hope it won't be as bad as they say and we all keep safe.

star gaze lily

I'm hoping they are just covering themselves after Michal Fish got it so wrong in 87. Forgot to get batteries today for torches!  And they have ran out so hope we don't get a power cut! Have got candles tho.


Hope you have something to light your candles SGL 


Very good archie - ha ha 

The potty gardener

I'm away from home and didn't take the pots off the gateeposts so really afraid that they will blow off . It will be horrible going home and finding things damaged


Potty - have you a neighbour you could ring??


flowering rose

removed all pots to shed and put away anything likely to fly away in.


some of my trees are nearly bare after today and they hadn't changed colour yet. and we've still got the storm to come


It's coming folks - quite wild outside now. 


My cable cable connection went earlier and we had hailstones. There's more just now. Went out to get a couple of things and there's a lot of flooding round me.