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Just sometimes someone gives me a present that I wasn't expecting or hadn't asked for, but that I really really like - and I continue to like it for ages afterwards.

One such present is a clock that tells the hour with the song of different birds  It delights me every time I hear it.


What presents have you received that you still enjoy?

star gaze lily

My OH bought me this samsung tablet for my birthday, and it has introduced me to my new GW friends, 

A few years ago my son bought me a bird table, i love watching all the birds in our garden. Also when he was very small, he went on a school trip and bought me a leather bookmark, i really treasure that. Every time i read a book it reminds me how excited he was when he gave it to me.

My youngest son gave me a tiny teddy bear after one day riding his bike to the village shops. I felt really guilty after telling him off for going there on his own without telling me he was going out, to be told he'd gone to buy me a gift 


Dove, my sister has a bird song clock and loves it.

I love my bulb planter, not that it has regular use, but that makes it even more luxurious, id never buy it myself.

Subscriptions to magazines, never had this as a gift but it would be on my wish list.


A chimnea, that has now had the cheek to go rusty.

A holiday in Mexico.

Best was a tree fern, but I lost that in the Winter of 2010.

Nearly forgot, the very best was my first GH, small & wooden, still have it 15yrs later.

Will add do love jewellery & most Dior Perfumes. Hint..hint..all shout loud so H hears.

star gaze lily

Oooh yes Kef I love my jewellery,  and my favourite perfume is poeme by Lancome. Please santa, i'd like a bottle for xmas, i've been very good all year.

We had a really great holiday in Cyprus a few years ago and another in Barcelona. Lovely memories.  





Some of my best presents have been flying lessons, in gliders and little Cessna's. But the best present was a surprise flight in a 65- year old De Havilland sea-plane when we were in Vancouver. We took off from the Harbour and flew over the Rockies, with me at the controls for 5 minutes, and finally flew right round the City, and landed on what is effectively the Pacific Ocean. My wife hates water, and there were times when I thought she would pass out, but she loved it! .......or so she said!

My best gardening present was the GH, given by a friend, I kept saying how much I'd like one but at the time it seemed like a big expense if the novelty of gardening wore off and then a couple of years ago for Christmas I got two frames and two arches for the garden which are great for growing beans up. The pastic covers for the frames were eaten by rodents last year but now netting is stretched over them which keeps birds and butterflies at bay.




Wow! Patsy and lily, lovely holidays for presents, lucky girls.

I had this samsung tablet last christmas, nice and portable, quick on line, but i dont like the photo's from it, or the way i cant see what i am typing. I wish i had waited till we could afford the ipad.

star gaze lily

Know what you mean Lyn, it is a bit annoying when typing, but someone told me the ipod is the same, maybe wrong tho.


I got a label maker last Christmas - love it !  My GH now looks like a professional nursery - and more importantly the writing doesn't fade.

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I've been a lucky girl too Lyn Cyprus was a surprise anniversary pressie  

I'd like a new little radio to listen to while in the garden. But I may ask for that for mothers day instead. Wouldn't mind some perfume or a theatre trip would be nice.


There are also times when you think you have bought the perfect present for someone. I bought my childminder a mould to make a chocolate 'gingerbread' house (chocolate version of the ones which you can make out of gingerbread and stick together). I had her name all over it! Hope she likes it.


My Kindle, best present ever. I am never without something to read, and I have 3000+ (most free) books waiting in the wings!


My OH gave me one of those japanese razor hoes - best thing EVER in the garden (after my felcos!)


Bumping this back up to the top as I've a keen gardening Grandfather (his love is mainly for Alpines) to buy a gift for and I'm really struggling for something to get him that he hasn't already got himself.

Keep those great ideas coming dear sweet people!


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Some new gardening gloves, a wooden trug, a mug with gardening pics on. Some new scecateurs   Kneeling mat (some convert into a stool). Bird bath, sundial. An acer. Subsription to GW! He has probably got all of these Clari, but hope it helps  A gillet or something warm to wear outside. Pr of wellies! 

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Clari, he's probably got one but a nice chair/bench?  Bird table.  

star gaze lily wrote (see)

Clari, he's probably got one but a nice chair/bench?  Bird table.  

Thanks Star Gaze, he's already got the chair and bench on a little decking area my partner built for him two years ago and they have many many bird feeders dotted around the area just outside the conservatory which is beautiful sit and watch the comings and goings of the birds / mice / squirrel.

I really think he's hit the point of having *everything*. Perhaps when I was last there I should have tripped and broken a few things to leave space for new gifts!


The presents I like best are plants. Over the years as they grow they always remind me of the people who bought them, and the time at which they gave it me. Nowadays people dont want to risk plants, in case I dont like them, so they give vouchers instead. I try to buy specific plants with the vouchers so I can attribute them to the giver.

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Clari, let me know what you get your grandad, hope he gives you some help in deciding.  Good luck pressie hunting x