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Nanny B , watching Safe House , like the last one they did 


"Without limits" at 8 on BBC1 for us

GWRS just wached tonights episode, deffo lots of naughty goings on there, wondering about the bloke whose wife dissappeared he is creepy.




A night of " catch up " for us.


Just watched last night's GW. Yesterday was Nelly's 2nd birthday. Happy birthday Nelly.

Kitty 2

A heads up for Logan and Obelixx, (harking back to page one) Star Trek Discovery is starting on Monday on Netflix.  If you don't subscribe but want to watch it, I suggest waiting until it's finished airing (15 episodes) and then take up the "free month" offer and you can watch the lot gratis 😁.  

Another one on Netflix I'm looking forward to in Oct is season 4 of Black Mirror.  Not one for the faint hearted, it is an interesting anthology series which makes you think about our technology obsessed society. Dark and at times disturbing... I love it .

Thanks Kitty, but i think hubby has already done it.

Kitty 2

No problem Logan ,  my suggestion was just a way to save a minimum cost of £5.99 per month, and get "something for nothing".... if you don't mind waiting 

I've been geeking out online and have discovered that....

It's set in the "prime timeline", ten years before TOS. The central character is not the captain, but Commander Michael Burnham (interesting back story, no spoilers ), played by Sonequa Martin-Green, who was great as Sasha in The Walking Dead. Looks like trouble's brewing with the Klingons

Spotted a tribble in another trailer .  

Kitty thanks. Those tribbles get everywhere.

That link doesn't work on my phone.

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I thought I'd mention 

"Love, lies and records" which was on last night on BBC1

It looks like it's going to be a cracker.

Got that recorded, yes it should be good.


I saw that, enjoyed it.

Did anyone see "The Boy With a Topnot"? Enjoyed that too. About an Indian family in England, son went to London, had a good job and fell for a white girl so it was about family relationships and traditions.

I finished watching the Last Post, it was slow to start with for the first 3 episodes, but it got better.

Catch up on iPlayer.


Channel film 4



I saw Rio at the cinema with 2 of my grandchildren, great family film.

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