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Orchid Lady

Totally off topic, but seen as it's rhubarb season and quite a few of us are enjoying our home grown rhubarb crumble (including me today at dinner)......I just thought I'd start a little off-topic debate.

Custard, cream or ice cream??? (Or something else).


...half fat Creme Fraiche... don't grow rhubarb but I quite like Asda's crumble at £1.50 - frozen... enough for 4....well 3...

...glad you enjoyed your home grown...

Orchid Lady

Ooh, Creme Fraiche, not though of that...I may have to get some and have another portion to try it 


Iam stewing my rhubarb and then eating it with ice cream or stirring it into plain yogurt. Yum 


A fat blob of double cream for me Orchid! Freshly whipped! Extra thick layer of crumble too, especially when it's rock hard! My favourite!



OH would have cream and ice cream if I let him.  I like either as long as it's real dairy ice cream and I also like real vanilla custard.

Just for a change I made rhubarb and strawberry cobbler this weekend and it's luscious.

Stacey Docherty

I also made one with my first rhubarb harvest and had it with home made custard deeeellliiisshhhhh

star gaze lily

Hi Stacey, good to see you, hope you've had a good Easter.

Orchid Lady

Stacey  Welcome back, good to see you.  Hope you've all had a good Easter, we were wondering where you were and I PM'd you 

Whipped cream, not tried that, that's another must try. Obelixx, I like cream on ice cream too......if I'm allowed 


Fresh rhubarb washed and peeled dipped in a cup full of sugar - bliss!

Orchid Lady

Not cooked? Does that not give you tummy ache??


That takes me back to wonderful childhood days Tray14! Best eaten whilst looking for the next stalk to pull!

If you get all crumbled out (if that's possible) then rhubarb and ginger vodka is lovely.

star gaze lily

Apple crumble and custard..............sorry don't like rhubarb ...but that could be something to do with school dinners lol


Rhubarb and ginger crumble with cold custard or vanilla ice cream. YUM


No expert

Rhubarb with all of the above. Yum!


Evaporated milk for me, please . . . . on fruit crumble or fruit pie.  Mmmm luurrrvly!!


Normal milk for me  If not, evap will do! 

Never custard  

I do, however, like cream on my ice cream, it goes hard. Yummy 

Orchid Lady

It does go hard Panda  Does anyone remember that stuff you could put on ice cream when you were little, it went hard and you could get different flavours - Ice Magic - cream on ice cream is like a grown up Ice Magic 

Not had evaporated milk for years, might have to try that too. 

I've decided I need to make another crumble and try a bit with each of the different toppings 


Evaporated milk - now that is a blast from the past for me. I remember my dad always opening about an inch with a tin opener and us pouring it from the tin. yum!