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Oakley Witch
That sounds handy lizzie where do you get them then?
Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

But Geoff it's not March yet!! You said to wait until March.


discodave wrote (see)

Lol, she's right geoff you did... 


Sam Glendinning wrote (see)
Lol lizzie. I was going to say the very same lol

Am pacing myself-didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition

hollie hock

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquistion

I'm not really expecting the light bulb to do that much cairnsie,just experimenting and having a bit of fun, but sounds like you do know what you're doing

Sounds like you've been very busy Sam. Still no luck with the verbena seeds for me, will leave them alone as things can pop unexpectedly.

I accquired a couple of teasel heads a few weeks ago, might just try and put some in some soil to see what happens...........last place I saw them was in my car

Oakley Witch
Lol. My verbena never came to anything. Spoke to a guy who has said they should be easy so no idea. I have got more from a different supplier an see what they do.
Bunny ...
Geoffrey ...sowing before march ...I'm shocked at you .


hollie hock

I've not grown them before, think I've read that germination can be erratic. They have been in the fridge for 2 weeks then inside for another 2, now they are outside in my coldframes.........I'm going to leave them there to see what happens, be good to know what happens with your new seeds.


I dont really know much about growing under lights this is my first time growing seeds. I had loads of problems september with my seeds becoming too leggy and read about growing under lights. Only cost a couple of quid for bulbs and holders and keeps them much more stocky than on the windowsill and stronger for going out in the greenhouse. Only problems is it does dry out the soil and keeps them a little hotter than i would like but its good enough to get them off to a good start. Dont use non energy saving bulbs though as the generate too much heat and the wrong wavlengths so are no good.

Oakley Witch
I know. Im not sure whats goin on with them. Will report back soon lol

Hi sotongeoff,

sorry for the inquisition, lol

I did listen to you, mostly, although I was itching to start in Jan when it was much warmer. I used my time to plan my gardening, buy seeds and supplies etc. I did sow a few test pots and dispite some success (some hits & misses) the majority of my planting will start off in the next week or so.

Hollie hock - with the teasel seeds you could get a sheet of paper and tap the seed heads and seeds should come out, I sowed some on about 17th Feb and have started popping out they are indoors on a window sill - sowed lots in a tray and covered them with a bit of compost. they are biennial - so foliage first year seed heads second year

hope that helps 

my seed sowing will start more soonish

Bunny ...
Geoff likes inquisitions

I think it was fine Geoff that you sowed the seeds then only a weekend early nothing wrong with that. good to get them started so they will grow into large plants and not get so eaten by the slugs

haven't started my veg yet - has any one else started there veg yet?

some more teasel seeds came up

Caz W

Have taken the advice to wait until March - I will be very busy on Friday

Bunny ...
So will I caz ...planned to do this week then started weeding only the sunny side however , other side still frozen white I had my vest on


sotongeoff wrote (see)

Sown tomatoes and cucumbers over the weekend-still waiting to do the rest.

And the sungold are just poking through today

Oakley Witch
My bonnie toms are about 2 inches tall and look really happy

Ashamed to say I haven't looked since Friday. I'm expecting a mass germination any day now as the temperatures rise. 

(Wait for the sulk if it doesn't happen)


I don't think there'll be sulk. I have 2 more aquilegias and asppecies buddleia today. Not many in each pot yet but I think we'll be OK