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joyce mannell


I have loads of seeds from i took off  my aqualigeas as they are spreading all over the garden

I havent had any replies from this forum wanting to swap seeds or need them for  free i did add a list 


How do i save this page as it took me ages to find it


I gave in to temptation and sowed two kinds of tomatoes, some sweet pea and nemesia seeds on Wednesday and on Thursday I sowed some kashmiri chilli seeds I got from dried chillies.  Don't know if those will work but nothing ventured, nothing gained.   I also potted up 3 new dahlia tubers.   All are sat on a warm, sunny window sill - when we get sun that is. 

Today I have baby tumbler tomatoes so am very excited.

Everything else will have to wait till it's warm enough - and OH is willing - to empty the greenhouse of all the plants hiding in there for the winter.

Oakley Witch
Hey joyce. Will look at my messages tonight hun. Cant check on my phone i fetch mine in the house maybe as they have had many frostings?

No, their time will come.


Are they in a cold greenhouse Sam? I can't remember where you said they were. That or a cold frame is the right place.


My variegated honesty seeds that I sowed in my raised bed out side are up that is good just put them in raised bed and left them to grow themselves

joyce if you look at your posts you done before you can find the page quicker


Re they showing the variegation yet?


The variegation shows very early, first true leaves or at least second. You're top of the list for seeds from this years harvest of definitely variegated ones. I've got the envelope  with your name on ready

hollie hock

Hi all, Spent a couple of enjoyable hours in my newly converted shed this afternoon.

Pricked out the cleome seedlings, got about 25, still find it hard not to prick on every single one that germinates. Think I've got 4 viable white snapdragons from my first sowings this year.

Had a rejig of the cold frames and moved some germinated seeds from the kitchen outside into the frames to harden them off. 

Not sown any thing else  lately apart from some more snapdragons. There is a tray indoors which has germinated but they are called unknown. Think they were collected from some garden visit but I have no idea.

Thanks for the infor Gardengirl re the teasels, didn't realise you had to shake the seeds out of them.

Glad that the seeds are up for everyone

Oakley Witch
Hi nutcutlet. They are in a cold greenhouse. I have never grown anything that takes more than 2 weeks to germinate. Im finding it very stressful lol.
Bunny ...
Still haven't sown a seed yet

Hi Sam

It's a different game. I've rarely sown anything that takes less than 2 weeks. Today somemore  have germinated so it won't be long to wait now.

Better get out there Bunny


Seeds aren't up because I've just sown my first batch! In electric propagaters. Tested little greenhouse heater, works - so will have somewhere to put them if they come up. I recycled my old plastic dog basket. It's in the greenhouse full of sand with a warming cable in it to put plantlets in if it's still too cold.

Oakley Witch
Ok nutcutlet lol. Im sitting with everything crossed lol. French marigolds are up, calendula, more mugwort and lettuice are up. Getting there


Bunny ...
Definitely this week nut ...definitely even if I'm in the greenhouse by torchlight
I shall sow everything
Caz W

Bunny sowing her seeds




Bunny ...
Hahaha you mock ...I have one of those !!! No really I do
Caz W

We do too Bunny - leftover from our camping days