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i bought some very expensive tomatoberry seeds ( 6 for £3.55)  and only one as germinated . Also only 2 of my cucumber seeds( sowed 8) have germinated aswell as only 3 of my pumpkins seeds( sowed 7) is it me doing something wrong they have all been planted the way they should be


I don't know about tomatoberry seeds but cuke and pumpkin seeds need decent warmth to germinate. How have you been germinating them?

all i've done is compost, seed, abit of grit and water all pots were done in the same way but have sown some so am just waiting  


It pays to be sparing with the water. The mix should be just damp. Too wet and the seeds can rot.

ok thanks might of overdone the wateing now i'm hoping my runner beans will survive the frost forgot to bring back in last night



Fingers crossed! And further to the decent warmth that cukes and pumpkin seeds need to germinate, we're talking at least 20C, hopefully more. Of just about all the vegie seeds, they crave warmth the most. You'd need either a heated greenhouse or a propogator with a warming facility.

Alina W

Or a radiator just below them if you don't have either of the above.

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