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Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks everyone for your kind words and best wishes. Garden has a couple of jobs in store for me and then it's all done, with one eye on the weather for Sunday.

I love the way this thread has now taken off... just what I hoped would happen. Good luck to all thost now posting on here.

We're now up to 15 Gardens open and the event looks to be a really good one. The weather will hold and maybe the sun will come out. Plenty to see - gardens, refreshments, bricabrac, ice creams, pub in the village open all day, beautiful New Forest village setting. For more details see Woodgreen Village News at  See you on Sunday!!

You got a open garden acerman02 on Sunday

Ill be coming that way from Southampton to Woodgreen to visit the open gardens

Will get to see your garden woodgreen wonderboy soon


Woodgreen wonderboy

Looks like weather will be drier than originally thought,altho' not hot! Village hall will be open for teas, cakes etc and if you want a pub lunch the Bat and Ball on the A338 about a mile away is very good. The pub in Woodgreen is OK too. Looking forward to seeing you. Have you looked at the Woodgreen website sent you by acerman?

I have had a look at the website thanks, think I might be going for the cake

Highland Jeannie
Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

I have had a look at the website thanks, think I might be going for the cake

You're talking my language there Ggirl!!

Woodgreen wonderboy

Weather looks fine, so off we go. Fingers and other bits of anatomy may now be uncrossed.


excellent. Good luck WW


Woody  have a great day 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have had a great day, and thank you all for your best wishes. They helped a lot... no, seriously. Have posted some info. on other threads and will show pics. later.


Glad you have had a good day 

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Evening All,  WW what a amazing garden you have a great range of plants so many I really like some I don't know the names of, I do like that wheelbarrow planted up with pansies, thanks for the plant swap - will look forward to finding a place to plant it out.

What a nice village and so many great gardens open - all the gardens with lawn so springy, brilliant day out lots of inspiration for me to have a go at creating in the garden - not got round to going to all of them but did manage 9 out of 15 lots of lovely plants and so had to come home with me - some did jump into the boot of the car.

did not know Chicky was going, oh well might have seen you without knowing that was you

I got to enjoy some of that lovely cake yum yum.

great to see your garden WW and to meet you will post some pics of bits another day, knackered from all that walking around need to rest




Great trip out I like looking around gardens,  cake for me nice scone with cream and jam and a fairy cake with sprinkles, nice lot of horses around that area and lots of colourful plants as well



I had a look on the other thread WW. Very impressive. 

Have you recovered yet?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Nut., yes today I listened to TMS, with a glass in hand, and my newspaper,read from cover to cover. Now I can swan around and primp a bit here and there. Seriously all the effort is only worth it if I keep on top of things.

The roses, which look really good this year (last year's rain?) are now coming into their own and the garden was full of scent this evening in the humid atmosphere. That's what it's all about.


Woody - I've just looked at the pix and I'm lost for words. I can't believe how immaculate your garden is and how much work you must have put in. In fact all the houses and gardens look absolutely stunning. You should all be really proud of yourselves. What a lovely village you live in. Was the test match any great shakes? Not heard or seen the news tonight.

I love that slate/stone circular sculpture in garden 10, Windhover Cottage. 

Here's a few pics I put on the other thread

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Here is some pictures of Woodgreen Wonderboy's garden

Lots of beautiful allium's


Fairygirl at the back there in the garden - must have decided to pop in to have a look

Really like this aquilegia really pretty

 Some of the 150 Dahlias planted in there

 Lots of white here and some interesting topiary

Lots of flowers and the bees were there buzzing around on the open day enjoying the flowers as well as us

Well what a nice load of flower in all the gardens


Here is a nice alpine planter in no 10 Windhover Cottage


Here is a nice boarder colour scheme from no 11 Avon view

 Think I need to get more orange in the garden

Woodgreen wonderboy

Yes, GG, and put some purple alongside just in case no-one notices