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I enjoy spratts, and have them with brown bread and butter.  What else would go well with them?  Suggestions welcome please.  Mags


I was going to say Brown bread and butter but that's what you always have.   The Watercress salad sounds lovely.      You don't really want to dress them up with to many flavours.  As you know they are delicious on their own.   LOVE em !    Also love cod roes, the soft ones, but you don't see them very much now.  We just have them with bb&b with salt n vinegar.   How about sliced cucumber and onions very thinly sliced and soaked in vinegar for a while.  Your making me salivate.    Can I come to tea please ? 

Thanks both.  The watercress & grapefruit sounds great.  So I will keep that in mind for next time. 

I have cue and a red onion available so that's what I will have.  It will perk up the bread&butter.    Ohhhhh   ..... I am looking forward to my tea!  Mags



Love fish roe of all sorts, but soft herring roes are simply delicious!


I agree Dove and that's what I meant, not cod roes.  But I will eat any fish. 

Steve 309

indeed.  I always leave 'em.


Is that the pale stuff out of tins? I recall it as a child. With vinegar! 


Tootles.   Never seen it on a tin only ever had them fresh.  As I say you hardly see them anymore and I love em.  I'm on the look out now.  I want some.  

Being born and bred in Grimsby where my family had a fish processing business for many years before take over by Ross Group/ Findus, I do not touch any fish or any by product, or anything that come out of water, salt or fresh..........Can feel myself heaving.


just wishing I'd not read this one. 



TOITLES.  Oh yes I remember those now.  Didn't come to me straight away.  Not keen on them.  MIL used to batter and fry them. 

DVID AMOS.  Please don't enlighten us anymore.    I don't want to be put off fish for life. 

star gaze lily


Don't like any fish........except cod and chips from the chippy


JO47 ------------ I am a 'cat' person too. Maybe that's why I enjoy Spratts.  However, I offered 1 to next doors cat and she turned up her nose at it!  Fussy pussy!  Mags.  PS my Spratts were delicious with cue & onion in vinegar and brown B&b

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