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Glad your Thrush is still about...........even if he doesn't have much to sing about today given the awful weather


Although this has been, and still is, a horrid, wet and windy day, the hedge is alive with small birds  chasing each other about - mostly blue tits and sparrow, plus a pair of robins, so in spite of it all, they think Spring may be on its way!  

Snowdrops are gorgeous, daffs. got their buds, loads of bulbs poking up - especially the ones I can't remember planting there.  Some aconite's, a plant I have tried for many years to get established, and this year it looks as if they might really give it a go - hooray. 

Some years ago a crocus bulb fell from my hand and rolled under the step at the at the front of our house, no soil there, just a tiled step - it has flowered every year since, and this year has 4 flower stems showing deeply purple there.  No idea where it gets its nourishment, but it is slowly spreading - great.

Such a lovely observation about the crocus bulb, Bookertoo!  I think that is what gardening is all about.

I felt the house shuldder this evening and could hear the slates lift off the roof. The M6 closed near us and there was an accident on the M55. Blackpool prom is closed due to high tides and my phone hasn't stopped ringing all evening to check I got home ok after work.

It's gone very quite now but the gales are due back later. I'm off to bed, hope I sleep through it.   

Hope all is well this morning Zoomer 



We had 'silent' lightning lighting up the sky well into the early hours and we lost electric power.  All back on again and calm but drizzly.

Woke to blue sky's but still windy, no slates blown off the roof and the GH is still standing, so got off lightly. 

The road clearers were out early, quite a few tree's had been sawn up and were on the road side. A lorry had been blown over on the motorway and it seemed like everyone was going to work on the A roads this morning.  


I've just been watching bluetits flitting about in a neighbour's shrubbery opposite, gathering a moustache of fine cobwebs - nesting time!   

Hope there are enough little grubs around when the nestlings hatch! 


The western UK bluetits won't be gathering cobwebs today Dove as it is lashing down and the wind is beginning to pick up.  I am boiling up water to put into thermos flasks in case we loose power again.

Must be getting on to spring decided to spring clean me shed.Certainly in need of it the mice are running around in overalls.Also sorted whats left of last years seeds done quite well still have quite a few in date.

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