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Twelve wonderful sculptors pur on an amazing show at the Bristol University Botanic Garden for the Easter Weekend when it was too cold to garden.  Here are some of my favourites.











more - I shall give you a list of the sculptors and their speciality later on.  

Karin Edwards - Ceramics





 Jude Goss - Lucian Stained Glass.

hollie hock

thanks happymarion, enjoyed looking at these. Not been to the gardens yet but will be doing so later this year, courtesy of the 2 for 1 coupon in gardeners world


The Botanic garden is worth a visit at least once a season but even more often when wonderful shows like the Garden Sculpture Exhibition is on.  Here are some more of my favourites.






 Oh dear that one is animate.  It is our mallard drake braving the icy waters of the lake to feed.



Here is the list of twelve talented sculptors who have been delighting visitors to the Bristol University Botanic Garden over the Easter Weekend - Heather Jansch, driftwood horses, Tom Clark,Stone carver and sculptor, Karen Edwards, ceramics,  Jude Goss, Lucian stained glass,  Pete Moorhouse "Arabesque" first picture of balanced cubes,  Susan Long fabric sculptor,  Willa Ashworth, metalwork sculptor,  Aurora Pozniakow who combines scultural pieces with a practical use in the garden,Adele Christiansen - kiln formed panels, Julian P Warren of Metalgnu,  Ian (Spike) Woods  carves small artefacts in exotic woods and Emma Jean Kemp, cold cast or solid bronze figures.  thank you each and every one for such a glorious weekend of enjoyment.

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