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Think I might go and see if  the snowdrops are through in the garden, but then on the other hand I might just leave it until tomorrow!!


It's getting a bit dark now, you might not spot them. 

Very true so I'll go and repose upon the settee and read my latest 'Gardeners World' mag.. or on the other hand my latest read from the library


That's the way to go.


Thank you jatnikapyar, funnby really it was only meant to be temporary as we bought our fish vfrom our old house, for 2 weeks they lived in a lovely paddling pool until it sadly deflated and we had to make a new home urgento!!

I'm quite lucky as I have french windows and look at the garden from the warmth of the house but yesterday was lovely and I finished putting my snowdrop bulbs in but today has been miserable  and we are forcast snow.

Jonus maybe you should write it off for this year, I keep reading here we only have 12 weeks to wait  and its only 2 weeks to the solstice



A stroll around the garden remembering to stay off frosted grass, thinking about what to do next year, looking in catalogues, watching the birds. Winter is all about planning and dreaming



To the newbies, shy of asking questions; in my local Garden Centre they have a sign which says; He who asks a question may feel like a fool for a minute, he who never asks a question is a fool for ever. Welcome, and yes the people here are kind and helpful.

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