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That would be a good idea Bev maybe you should start a new thread sure lots would join in.

I enjoyed watching some of letter F, just finished watching on iplayer, but shame no french beans - I wanted to be on there but good bit on foxgloves - I brought a white foxglove today, did not think about the A-Z gardening show, I just spotted it thought that would be nice. So it was good to be on there I got more info on them now great.

Like all the fence bits the colour and the one Joe Swift made - looks effective made with that wood.

I have made planters with tyres but turned inside out though much bigger planters then. Enjoyed watching all letters so far

Letter M some bits OK but I tried mushrooms no luck I brought a kit expensive to get nothing out of it.

like the marigolds orange does work well with blue and like the magnolia trees but would not have one in the garden to big take up too much space

Have to sort out the moss in the lawn here lot to do there

Pennine Petal
I watched this earlier today. Enjoyed it, but had seen some bits before, thought they got through quite a lot today. Think I will grow some pot marigolds this year. Tend not to do many annuals as only have a small garden, but they look so cheerful.

I agree, it would make an interesting thread. Over to you Bev! Today seems like a good time to start the As.
Come on Bev. Start your thread. I'm eager to start

Program on early next week as Beechgrove Gardens starts so 8.45 start on Sunday 7th for the A - Z and Beechgrove Gardens 9.30 am , I watch on iplayer still little early for me

Have messaged Bev let see if she will start a thread,  Letter N next week



Two programs to watch on a Sunday evening (plus Countryfile too) - bliss!

That's good more gardening shows on TV to watch

Shame it wasn't better advertised.  I only found it today because I left the TV running after the GW recording and caught the first two minutes of P.  I do hope that they repeat the series at some point and that it is better announced.  I've set

Such a shame it wasn't better advertised.  I only found it this afternoon as I let the TV run on after the GW recording on Sky and got two minutes of P. 

I hope this series will be repeated and better announced.

Busy Lizzie - I too am in France.


A-Z of gardening this morning really enjoyed it while having breakfast then down to the allottment to get your hand dirty and a chat will your fellow gardeners  what more could a man want on a sunday.

This is just the sort of quality Gradening programming that needs to be released on DVD so my Mum can watch it over and over again on those wint'ry nights. Is this possible?

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