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I used to use Gardening Direct, but last year I received damaged plants and very late arrivals, so this year I thought that I would try the Canny Gardener. I am now on the third delivery of a £50+ order. I have been impressed by the packaging. The polystyrene box they arrived in was well secured, the plants had not dried out, and had not become dislodged. On the box are details of my next deliveries with the date that they will be despatched. The order came to over £30 so delivery was free. So far I am v.ery happy with this company. I wasn't aware that Mr. Milne was an ex Gardening Direct employee, but other than his spelling mistake on this forum (re the web link) I have no problems with that. In case you are wondering no I am not employeed by the Canny Gardener and these are genuine comments



I swapped from GardenDirect this year to the Canny Gardener - ordered Begnoias and Geraniums amonst other plants. Both the Geraniums and Begonias arrived in damaged polystyrene boxes and the plants were either dead or damaged beyond use. Customer services offered a replacement which never came. Have been offered a full refund which is fine but I am now short of plants for the garden. My advice is to stay well clear of this organisation the quality of the plants is beyond a joke.

I ordered three boxes of 60 medium non-stop begonias, which were delivered last Saturday. The lid of one of the boxes was snapped off and only held on by the adhesive address label. Naturally, several of the begonias were missing, and others had come loose and were scattered throughout the box. Out of the three boxes a total of 13 plants were missing, and another 28 are so small or damaged that I doubt they will survive. So there is a potential of 41 plants not being fit for purpose. I e-mailed the Canny Gardener on Sunday, and their reply yesterday expressed sincere apologies and told me that they had added a £5 voucher to my account against my next order. Firstly, why should they think that I would want to order again from them, and secondly, what can I get for £5? Their sale begonias start at £8.99 plus P & P of £2.47, so am I expected to cough up another £6 odd just to replace what I have already paid for and not received. I have two boxes of 40 large begonias and geraniums due in May, so I shall see how many of those are in good condition and how many of my present plants have died in the meantime and then I shall demand my money back or a full replacement without further cost to me.

Betty W


Say you are on this forum and demand full refund or you will make public here why not.  It does seem to be a poor company.

I recently received plug plants from Brookside nursery and the quality was,quality plants perfectly packed and now growing away in 9 cm pots


After looking at their catalogue they seem very pricey with post and packaging quite high to.Have to agree with Verdun about Brookside nursery ,nice to buy from small nursery with good quality plants at very reasonable prices.


Whilst they promised a full refund I have had to contact them yet again to ask where the refund is. I have sent them photographic evidence of the poor plants/packaging and yet they can not even be bothered to acknowledge my E Mail. I have since written to Tony Milne the MD who states on there Web Site .. ""We want you to be delighted with the products and services you buy from us. We are determined that you receive the very best quality in the market. If for any reason we don't get it right, then just contact us within 7 days of receipt, and we will happily offer you advice, a replacement or a full refund." Tony Milne, MD

Robert say this issue is on the forum.

Good luck


If you go to the competitions page on this website there is a competition to win plants from them.  I'm not sure how relevant this is at all (!) just an observation. 

I hadn't heard of this company, either, but had a catalogue in the post early this year.

I've placed a mixed order,and had my first plug plants 3 weeks ago. They were very well packed, and are growing on very healthily in my cool greenhuse. Looking forward to the rest of my order.

For the first time, I have this year purchased from The Canny Gardener.  In my experience, the packaging in which the plants have arrived far exceeds the standard of any other on-line supplier.

The plants themselves were very healthy, and in excellent condition.

I will seriously consider buy all of my plants from this company in future.

As with all things some of us enjoy good service and others poor service

Get poor service and we no longer patronise a supplier and vice versa.  

Just cancelled a long-standing order from the Canny Gardener. For the last 5 weeks they have advised on delivery due next week. Dream on. They didn't even reply to my emails. I feel like advising Watchdog and Trading Standards of this cowboy outfit.

My advice - avoid them and order from a proper company.

I've also just cancelled an order which was due to be sent out week commencing 20th May, because "the unseasonably cold and dark weather over the last few weeks has delayed the crops growth so they'll now be sent out w/c 3rd June".  I thought these wholesale nurseries had contolled temperature and irrigation systems in their massive greenhouses, so what's their problem?  Incidentally the plugs I ordered - 40 large Begonia Sunshine Burst are now showing on the website as sold out. Maybe the ones they were offering to send me were new stock of small size?

 Further to my post of April 25th a total of 43 begonias did not survive, out of 180 ordered. They offered me replacement of the plants to be sent out w/c 27 May. I said that these would be too late as there is a suggested growing on period of up to 6 weeks and requested a refund instead. They have worked out to the penny that the lost plants would  be worth £10.43 so I requested a refund of this amount.

  This is one customer they've lost, from now on it's B & Q, at least you can see what you're getting there - and 10% off on Wednesday if you're the wrong side of 60 like me!!

I have about £60 of plug orders placed with this outfit. The first consignment of putunias failed to arrive. The second consignment, trailing begonias, arrived in such a terrible mess I was able to rescue no more than about a dozen decent plants from the box of 60. I'd like a refund an to cancel the remainder of the order. I've tried ringing customer services but it appears to be log jammed. If you are prepared to leave a message they offer a response "within 72 hours". Instead I e-mailed them and 5 days later still have no response. And the phone line remains log jammed (I suspect not with happy customers saying how delighted they are with their purchases!). Don't touch this company with a barge pole.

have had 2 of my boxes of plants,which have both been OK, except most of the begonias are now rotting off,(despite a lot of tlc on my behalf.) Am awaitng my next 2 boxes of perennials, and reserve judgement til then, but will probably not be ordering again next season.


Been down to B & Q and Morrison's this morning. B & Q are selling lovely yellow non-stop begonias, 6 for £5, (less 10% if you're the wrong side of 60!) and Morrisons have 4 mixed non stop begonias for £2, or 2 boxes for £3. They are all healthgy looking and starting to come into flower and look ready for planting out which is more than can be said for the ones from Canny Gardener, which are nowhere near as large as I would expect them to be at this stage.  I know where to go from now on!

Has anyone noticed that, according to their website, ALL their plants apart from just a few odd varieties are now said to be Out of Stock?  Either they've had a very good years trading or maybe they've closed the business down and done a bunk?

Betty W sounds like a company that's in trouble when they don't answer calls or emails its the start of a downhill slope but hope am wrong in your case and get things sorted out good luck.

Sent two e-mails to this outfit without any response, just phoned on their 0845 number, got a recorded message that "due to the high number of calls being received we cannot answer your call at the moment" (wonder why?)  but they will call back within  72 hours if contact number is left.  And pigs might just fly!