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Just received an email saying to expect my refund in 3-5 working days, a week after I accepted a refund, I did receive my last refund quickly with no quibbles

Received refund into my account today.  So my rather rude and direct email appeared to work.  Will not be having an further dealings with this company.


like the others I have also had an e mail to expect refund in 3-5 days. it seems this forum has worked. the joke is I received their latest catalogue to-day! guess where it went.

I received my credit card statement today and the second refund of £15.99 has been made into my account, so at least I've managed to get back £30 from them. They certainly won't be getting my custom again.

Have had refund back into my account for damaged begonias.


I have now received my refund so can put this experience behind me.

well done colin and mystic rose i recieved £3.99 postal order now waiting for last £5.wont be useing them again.

well done colin and mystic rose i recieved £3.99 postal order now waiting for last £5.wont be useing them again.OAKIE

I am completely devastated! Dark blue 'Blue Seas' lobelia, vital to my planting plan for my beds, borders, pots and baskets have just started to flower and guess what? Completely the wrong colour and said plantings now look dreadful. Too late now to find replacements. Unable to contact by phone due to the constant 'high volume of calls we are receiving' (although this is, perhaps, unsurprising if my experience is anything to go by).


I have, this morning, managed to contact CG and they appear keen to look into this problem and so I will reserve judgement for now and will update my post accordingly.

i had the same problem with my lobelia wrong colour but didnt cause any problems with my final £5 refund this weekend wont be dealing with this outfit again.


Back in June I confess I actually endorsed Canny Gardener on the thread "My experience of "customer service" ." Now I feel quite embarrassed and disappointed about it because my own experience is now much like everyone else's on this thread. 

Like many others on this thread my Begonias were really poorly when they arrived but the CG responded well (I thought) to my emailed photo evidence with a promise of replacement plants plus a £5 voucher towards future purchases. I thought that was a good sign - then - and accepted both.The replacement plants were 60 small plugs of Begonia Candy Bronze.Many of these, however, have remained very small even after a couple of months.

2 weeks ago I found that none of 8 undersized plants I inspected had any noticeable development to their root system beyond the original tiny plug size (about 2 cubic centimetres!!) I phoned up and did eventually get through but the customer adviser knew very little about plants (!)  so couldnt actually advise me properly (!) and wasn't actually based anywhere near The Canny Gardener firm (!). When I was phoned back by a more experienced employee the young lady was only a bit more 'savvy'  than me - certainly not the horticultural expert I was hoping for.

Yesterday, (Sunday), I decided to email them about my dissatisfaction but first checked on my £5 voucher and found that it too was missing from my account where it was supposed to be credited.

I have sent a very stiff email , 'For the specific attention of Tony Milne', about the depletion of the plant stock I received (about 42 plants out of over 200 are unusably small) and have asked for the £5 to be refunded direct to me, not as a voucher. 

I have also suggested Tony Milne uses this thread to address all the issues voiced here to explain what has happened to make his company's so inefficient.

Let's see whether he will shall we? - and also whether my refund will materialise! 

Come on Tony, here's your chance to redeem yourself!


Just thought I should let you know that I had the following from these people this year, and have been very happy with all of them: lobelia, geraniums, begonia, poppies, aquilegia

The potty gardener

Sorry to be suspicious Shropshirelad but another satisfied customer with only 4 posts

That's ok.  If you had good service stick with them.  We all have our own experiences to go by Shropshirelad


Ref my post of 17july - I got my £5 requite as requested.

Its a shame they had so many mistakes in their first year. It looked good at first.

In the meantime, I've got colour into my garden eventually but a lot of it was much later than planned and I'm sure the colours are not all as ordered. I have Vermilion where I was expecting Apricot, and many of the Begonias are still minute.

Ho hum! Try somewhere else next year.


I have to say that I am very disappointed in this company.  During the summer I ordered a number of plants including 40 Large Pansy Trailing Marina and 20 Medium Primrose Blue Vein with an anticipated delivery time of early to mid September.  Since early September I have received a series of emails telling me that delivery of these two products has been delayed.  Now I do understand that things don't always go according to plan where plants are concerned but when the latest deadline of late October came and went I rang to find out what was happening.  The young lady in customer services couldn't have been more helpful and advised that I should allow 72 hours for an explanation to be forthcoming.  A week passed so I rang again today only to be advised, again by a very helpful customer services lady, that, on further research, it seems that this part of my order was never placed!  How that equates with the succession of emails postponing the arrival of the plants is beyond me and I am now awaiting (without holding my breath) a refund.   I have asked for an explanation from the nursery to be forwarded to me (again with little expectation that this will be received) and unless this is especially convincing have no intention of using this company again.

Problems galore with this company

Chrissien, get your persistent.....but go elsewhere in future.

It's always good when we have threads like this to warn unsuspecting gardeners not to rely on them. Thanks for the thread Verdun.

Well the refund has come through very promptly so no complaints there.


I ordered Begonias in January 2013, they arrived on time and in good condition, Impatiens for a neighbour were battered only 50% survived,  Chrysanthemums were very late and small, the labelling was totally wrong, so the resulting display was a joke.

 In November I ordered a 20kg sack of peanuts at a bargain price, upon checking progress of the order I found that it had been "completely cancelled" however my credit card had been debited with the full amount, an email to Customer Services  did receive a response explaining that the "Black Sunflower Seeds" had been withdrawn from the catalogue and that my payment would be refunded. One month later no refund, another email was sent... no response ..... another email sent ..... still no response.

Hopefully my card company can sort them out.

Beware of "The Canny Gardener" stick with JPD at least they are honest.