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Just watched GW on iplayer. Enjoyed most of the programme but it all can't appeal to everyone. Liked Monty's raised veg beds and recycled path, nice to see Nigel and the stray  chicken running across the camera's view .

Looking forward to Beachgrove.


Gardening Grandma

It was a bit of a rant, Brummie, though an enjoyable one and you certainly have a point. I guess GW is not the place for in-depth info. I liked learning about some of the snowdrop varieties and, really, just looking at plants and seeing a bit more of their potential. There is something so wholesome about them, it always makes me feel peaceful.


The problem is that if they catered for just the basics some people would be bored to tears - I think the problem is, as we've all said before, half an hour is nothing like enough - all it can do is give us little tasters and teasers so that those of us who are interested get off our btms and go out there and find out some more 

Gardening Grandma

Quite right, Dove. Limited, but still an inspiration!


Zoomer,  when does Beechgrove start again,  I must admit to liking that better than GW,  didn't GW used to be on for an hour a few years back or is that just my imagination or was that something else I'm thinking of.


Gardening Grandma

Does anyone remember a time when GW was on for an hour?


Yes -when it was revamped a couple of years ago with Toby Buckland-got a  hammering over content and presentation though

There are usually the odd one-off hour specials

Rain- Beechgrove is back in April


Gardening Grandma

I did not watch it that year because it was the wrong time for me. Was it a one hour prog every week! Poor old Toby! I thought he was good when I did see him.


It was when it first started-I seem to recall it was cut back to 30 minutes later in the run

GW up to then was usually just 30 minutes long.

Bunny ...
Still haven't watched GW yet.

Reading through these posts, it would seem that the ideal TV programme would be; 1/2 an hour for beginners, and 1/2 an hour for intermediate gardeners. Personally I don't watch it as find the presenters too irritating, but that's just me.

Bunny ...
I record to fast forward

was up at 8:15 sunday for the gardening programs and was a bit disappointing. Cottage gardening great , but autumn now!  Surely should be time to sow seeds. I'm already running into problems what with this cold snap.   Heated Propogators seem to be pretty much essential to raise the soil temperature. Still programs may improve as the season gets going. 

I'm rather tired of the Monty input, he rarely offers anything new, The Great Geoff and good old Alan looked at design as an integral part of gardening. The Joe Swift bit is far too short for him to come up with something exciting, why isn't he given more opportunity to inspire us? Time for a change of lead presenter?

I thought Toby buckland was very good. Very knowledgeable. The programme featuring silly bits n pieces was frustrating but Toby was excellent. I hope to see,him presenting a gardening prog again. Monty is good too but how can we relate to projects he seems to be no issue and the scale he gardens at is out of reach for most of us.



I thought Toby was great for doing things which save money and are highly effective. I've used numerous of his videos to make my own things. Why they can't have a gardening show for 30mins for beginners, using the younger presenters, and then have the traditional GW for another 30mins is beyond me. Considering the upsurge in interest particularly with grow your own, I'd assume that it would get quite a few viewers. Afterall what would it be competing with at 8pm on a friday?


Verdun, those are my thoughts exactly, It is interesting isn't it that the other presenters never go to his garden?

I like Toby as well and felt sometimes he was mis-directed. If the Beeb had controlled the output of the programme abit more I think he could have become very good.


Hi BrummieBen,BBC northern Ireland like to on occasions screen Rugby of all things that really P#####s me off.



Read an article the other day (can't remember which newspaper, DT perhaps?) where MD says he doesn't like other presenters in his garden as it's (the garden) too personal.

I must agree with Verdun. I don't have room for great swathes with  long paths and hedges seperating them, I need to know what's going to look good in small groups close together in a garden which has to look attractive all year round.