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Starts today BBC2, now, Mon-Fri.


BBC2 today.  BBC1 for the rest.

Misleading title...............there is no such beast


Not at all inspiring but could improve.  Too repetitive.  The garden looked better before it was tackled.  Whatever happened to all the healthy plants they took out which were disguising the grotty fencing?  I will give it a second chance but if it does not improve I will then forget it.


Instant garden?

We're just into the 24th year and haven't done it yet.

If I could bring myself to watch, would it help? 



Do you have a pointy hat and magic wand nut? 

We know this kind of thing always goes to sh*t,  especially if they are novice 


I missed it, will try on catch up. . . . it might be rubbish but there may be an idea or two in there . . . . 


My littlest grandson has a pointy hat Wintersong

and Fairy might lend me her wand if i ask nicely


Yes, please can I borrow your wand Fairy?

I need to get an instant garden. We've been at it 23 years and need help

It was by- the- book standard design principles. Not very inspiring but certainly something that people could easily copy. And cheap as chips. A few bags of gravel, 4 I think bits of trellis and some plants. Didn't catch if they said a budget at the start or not. Having said that, the garden was more like a pond than a garden. I have never seen such a water logged site as that!

I really enjoyed it no budget set or said on tv hogweed, think they done pretty well with the design will help the people great deal

They had 10 hours to do the garden in, was a boggy garden good for pond plants, there are so many good bog plants

did make me think what area could I re do in 10 hours in the garden - will have to try it out

Will be good being in different gardens each show

Help how do I contact Daniel Haynes?



You can PM him Gardengirl

Thanks Nutcutlet hope he can help me

Fidgetbones My name is wrong now as I changed back to advanced setting after forum not working properly

Then later saved to get notifications again as not getting them may be it is the forum not sending them and my name got changed,  I am Gardengirl..


I didn't notice the 7 Gardengirl,