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now this might sound daft but can anyone tell me how do the spud suppliers do it ,how is the spuds we get to plant different to the ones we buy to eat ,are they not spuds saved from last year or different i dont know,, AND while iv been away i left 3 big red spuds in the kitchen that have chitted beautifully by themselve, Now can i simply plant them as i have abit of room not being used in the allotmenteven just to see what happens or does it not work like that this honestly is not a joke i,d like to know ,anybody ever done there own spud, for the following reason or no

Thankyou all and good luck for this week  Alan 

I think it's because they are grown in england, whereas most of the potatoes we buy are from abroad and therefore cannot be grown or arent used to our climate. They simply don't pick the potatoes and leave them in the ground until ready to dig up. - This is what the allotment holder next to me said, as I was curius too. And you'd be better off planting your potatoes once risk of frost has passed, as it can kill the green growth and freeze the potatoes themselves, for now though, keep them in a cool place (so its not such a big temperature change when you do put them outside) and make sure they dont touch as this can cause mould


Most of the seed potatoes in this country will have come from Scotland, stored from last year in a controlled environment,cool and dark with plenty of air.

Seed potatoes can only be grown on land certified free from potato cyst nematode and which have not had a potato crop for several years.

Garden/Allotment grown potatoes carry more spores of bacterial and fungal pests.

The repeated saving of the previous years crop is said to be one of the causes of the Irish potato famine.



Hi all Right thats good info many thanks for that very interesting i did,nt know that

cheers Alan4711

Netherfield wrote (see)

The repeated saving of the previous years crop is said to be one of the causes of the Irish potato famine.

 At the same time as the Irish Famine was happening it was also in Scotland Wales and England and in parts of Europe .





Yes, Netherfield's got it - to expand a little bit more - to get seed potatoes you first sow the seeds that develop on the potato plant after flowering (they are in those tomato-like fruits - beware, these are poisonous).  These seeds grow into potato plants, and they grow potatoes on their roots.  These are harvested and sold as 'seed potatoes' for planting and growing more potatoes.  Therefore they are 'first generation' and if grown in virus-free soil are unlikely to carry any nasty viruses and as Netherfield said, can be sold as Certified.

The potatoes  we buy from the greengrocer and supermarket are 'second generation' and may have picked up a virus - this will not harm us but would produce virus-infected plants if grown on and result in the failure of the crop - see references to the Irish potato famine (yes, and in other places too but because of different government policies, not with such disastrous effects ).

And Ryan, at least 85% of potatoes consumed in the UK are grown in the UK - my brother is a very large commercial potato farmer and he'd be very disappointed if it was otherwise 

The majority of imported potatoes are earlies from Israel, Cyprus and Egypt which are available in the short gap when our stores of maincrop potatoes are running low and before our home-grown new potatoes are ready - the first of which are usually the Jersey Royals.

Whoops, I'll blame it on my next-door allotment holder for giving me false information But thats fascinating your brothers a potato farmer, I've always wanted to know how these huge commercial farms work.


I dont know anything about growing potatoes so wont comment, but I did see an article in a mag were they were blaming diy growers on spreading potato deseases. 

I agree with Dove about UK grown potatoes, I wont buy any that are not grown in the UK, except the Jersey royals. 

There are a lot of potatoes grown in Cornwall and I buy those whenever I can.

Lyn wrote (see)

.... I agree with Dove about UK grown potatoes, I wont buy any that are not grown in the UK, except the Jersey royals. ....


I'll tell my brother, he'll be eternally grateful 


now that's a lot of info i do appreciate, i also watched a programm about growing spuds in the desert  amazing,cheers for all that everybody


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