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Secret Squirrel

I have a BIG interest in the weather, obsessive my wife calls it. So what REALLY gets blood a boiling is how come in February, Accuweather predicted that will were going to get a heat wave in July, yet the BBC and Met Office cannot get their chats right!

I watch the weather in the morning on breakfast TV, it predicts one thing. You press the 'Red' button the charts say something different. Then you go to the BBC weather website five day charts, totally different again!

And that stupid BBC weather advert drives me crazy. It's the one where you just see someone looking up the next day or even hours weather on their i-phone and making plans on the results, as if its that accurate!

Does anyone feel this strongly, or do I need to lie in a darken room?


Mark, try the darkened room  

Seriously I know what you mean, we usually end up with about 4 different forecasts, I go with the one I think sounds best and then complain !  What really gets me is at the start of the evening forecast they tell you what the weather has been like...yes I know !! I have windows and legs.

Not very PC but my Dad used to say that if we'd relied on this lot to forecast the weather we'd never have crossed the channel to Germany.


Lie in a darkened room Mark and accept that totally accurate weather forecasting isn't here yet. 

Predictions are based on extrapolation from previous years, a better word would be guess


I too have a BIG interest in the weather - coming from a farming family where the chat around the tea table was silenced when the weather forecast was on, I tend to check the Met Office website most mornings - I find it's pretty accurate for our local forecasts.

My brother who is a farmer pays for a specialised service for farmers - he absolutely relies on it - planning day to day cultivations accordingly - he says it's really accurate but as I say, it's tailored to his needs and he pays big money.

The problem with the BBC etc is that it's catering for the generality, and because of our geography the weather in this village will be different to that in the next more often than not.  If we lived on a larger land mass the weather patterns would be more predictable.  My daughter in law who comes from Russia tells us that the weather forecasts there are almost always right (as are most things there apparently - I shall report back next year ).

I don't think any of the long term forecasting can be relied on - statistically some of them have got to be right - but which one 

As for a lie down in a darkened room - I find  that's always a good option in any circumstance 


Gosh now I feel bad because I just look out of the window and hope for a 50% success that the weather is the same on the other side of the house.




If it's noisey in the conservatory I predict it's raining.


I want one of these 

 From the speed they'd be spinning here today we could power the National Grid!!!


What really annoys me is when I watch  a forecast and it shows the latest Satellite picture of us with no clouds, yet outside it is raining and as black as.......wherever is very black.



"As black as over Bill's mother's."  That's what Ma used to say .... 


My kitchen ahs windows at either end and sometiles teh wetaher to th enorth is very different from that to the south and sometimes we have clear blue above the house while there are big clouds on both horizons.   I can see weather fronts approaching and passing by and sometils have rai at the back but not at the front.

Like Dove, I have a local micro climate so it can hotter or colder here than just 2 or 3 kms up the road and very different from Brussels just 30 miles away.   Like Berghill, I watch the BBC satellite photos and wonder when they were taken as they don't rfelect reality.   The main Belgian service is no better.   Looking out to the west is usually a good way of forecasting what's coming.

Berghill wrote (see)

What really annoys me is when I watch  a forecast and it shows the latest Satellite picture of us with no clouds, yet outside it is raining and as black as.......wherever is very black.


Look for 'infra red' satellite images - these are much better at showing cloud:




Oblixx, you reminded me that my Mother used to look to the west when deciding to put her washing out.


Here we look to the East in the winter - whatever the weather my Russian daughter in law's relatives have had it before us and used most of  it up 

Just checked the Met Office site - no frosts here for the rest of the week - in fact, virtually tropical 

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