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Hi everyone  just dropping in & introducing myself, i'm new to the forum & have been bitten by the gardening bug this year so i'm a total newbie so please be gentle .

My name is Warren & stumbled in to gardening this year when i thought i'd have a go at planting four different strains of chilli, anyway they germinated, when the weather warmed up i put them outside in a cheapy pop up greenhouse with zip up cover. I had some spare shelves so planted more seeds of different veg, these also germinated & the little greenhouse was full in no time.

I then went the whole hog & shelled out on a proper quality greenhouse where everything is thriving & i'm buzzing from the experience. I love spending time in there & will be dropping in to the forum for advice & general chit chat from now on so speak to you all soon.



Hi Warren and welcome   Sounds as if you really have been bitten by the gardening bug 

Whereabouts (roughly) in the country are you?  It always helps to know climate, soil etc when discussing our gardens.  I'm in East Anglia 

Welcome warren, happy new greenhouse

Thanks guys. I'm in the North West, Lancashire.

Eee by 'eck, it's reet grim up north 


Hi Waz - you should try Scotland - that's really north  Will be passing you on the M6 driving down to Cheshire tomorrow and am looking forward to warmer weather than we've had here. 


Don't get your hopes up, LesleyK. I'm in the Peak District and have been wearing a woollen jumper for the last three days. Log fire on tonight and last night. Drizzle. Wind. Ugh. What happened to summer?

I'll pack my winter coat


Hi Warren, S.Yorks here. Tropical and glorious ..soz' got mixed up that was the weather on the footie


welcome warren .me  north manchester the suns cracking the flags here


LESLEY K,,, where in cheshire are you going 



Sandbach Archie.  Lovely market town.


Oooh, OH's granny was from Sandbach area 

Orchid Lady

Hi Warren and welcome.  I got the gardening bug full on this year too and also got a new GH.  I'm in the Northwest too, near Blackpool  I'm guessing you're more east lancs way?

Has anyone warned you that almost everyone on here is bonkers.....except me  Come and join us on the Hello Forkers thread 

Hi Warren. I am new too and really enjoying the forum, ( only a few weeks ) the knowledge is amazing and wonderful to tap into. I often joke that my greenhouse is my therapy room, half fun whole ernest.
Dordogne Damsel

Hello Warren, you won't be disappointed with advice or chit chat on here. I am also a new member and have had loads of help/advice, and so quickly too. I was from 'up north' Chorley way, but have now decamped to central France. Loving it, never seen such huge blooms, but on the down side never seen such fast growing weeds either!   



Hi Dordogne Damsel nice to meet you

Dordogne Damsel

Good morning, beautiful day here, sunny and fresh - weeding today I think after the rain yesterday.Might be posting some pics later, sometimes I just don't know the good guys from the bad guys. 


Hi everyone, I've been reading some posts over the last week or so but thought rather than just lurking I should say hello and introduce myself.

I'm down on the coast in Devon and in need of lots of info about gardening right now! A couple of weeks ago hubby and I finally bought a house, and for the first time in my life I'm the proud owner of a garden. The house and garden were both in a right state, so not moved in yet but we're making inroads into both. 

I was brought up helping my mum and nan doing their gardens, but mostly just following instructions so while I know a bit I'm basically a beginner. 


Welcome waz, Im relatively new.  Everyone is friendly and helpful and Ive learned so much since I joined.


Hello and welcome all newcomers. Lots of gardening advice, but if you just want a chat there is Hello Forkers. Or look at the photos on the Garden Gallery or the Star in Your Garden.