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Your fish are lucky to have a heater - sounds like a first rate hotel floralies, but then at -6C I wouldn't want to swimming around in icy water either.

Nice still morning, but with the threat of rain later - we badly need the rain;, but please - NOT at the w/end. We have a pond to prepare for Mondays visit by Mr. Pond man. We don't want to be squelching around in mud tomorrow.

Rain here today but it will soften the ground that's been frozen solid.


Rain here too.  Yesterday was just gorgeous - I'll keep that in my memory instead of looking out of the window today.  

Dove, I remember the school weather station being housed behind a white-painted, louvred screen.  Was it called a Stevenson screen??  Effective at keeping the sun off but letting wind through.


Drizzly and dull here in Cheshire but have just returned after a three hour wait for OH in hospital so just glad to be home. He was having a little op on his hand to remove a patch of suspect skin and I was able to drive him home. Mustn't grumble about the hanging around we have to do as we are lucky to get the health care we do  and free too. 

Started to rain this afternoon , still very cold 



Glorious fiery sunset this evening.  Skies mostly clear so more frost I expect.


Glorious sunshine in the afternoon in Essex, but raining since 5 ish.. We need rain. Actually, it's more like drizzle. Thank heavens the weather is a bit milder. I felt so sorry for my plants. Some strepts in the sunshine are still alive, but some are very dry ... 


Quite warm but very ' murky', a few drops of rain aswell.


Grey and a bit drizzly in Norfolk.


I hope your OH's hand is OK and not painful today, daydaisy.


Shepherds' delight here - lovely bright sun but a frosty start and still cold.

B..... awful in Kent  -  drizzly and misty.  Sunny intervals due on Tuesday, though, and sunshine on Friday .


Thank you for your kind thoughts Lizzie. My other half is doing very well and getting out of doing the washing up! 

Misty,  drizzly and warm here in Cheshire. Hope tomorrow is brighter and we can have a nice walk.

grey and drizzly.


Joyce: Exactly the same here, but very mild.  


Same here too, drizzle and grey skies, mild too, virtually no wind.

Very similar , grey , then about 2-00 light drizzle and mild - Lincoln 


Aren't we a sad lot! Haha!

Redditch, milder and foggy.

aym280:  Yes, we are! Haha!   I wonder do other nationalities discuss weather on the scale that we do?  Anyway, it's still drizzly, misty but mild here in Kent.  Supposed to be turning very cold again from Wednesday, with the threat of snow.