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Sunny again today - feel like I am on holiday already as just had two gardening days in a row BUT I have three days in work now before my annual leave (hope some of the lovely weather sticks around for my time off?) 


Beautiful day here in Berkshire, 27c with full sun for most of the day. Definitely still Summer! 


That's what did me in Mark! Hoping for something slightly cooler today otherwise daughter's dog won't be going out. Love walking him but not in 27C.............................


Agreed herb, waited until late late evening and took my 6 month old terrier up to the thicket



Sky overcast, nice breeze, temp dropped, dog walked, job done 


Not too hot here in W.Yorks to do a bit of post-holiday tidying up - and it's dry!

A Sunny warm day here in Stockton on Tees, both lawns cut and car gone for service, not by me of course, still a bit dithery after my sixteen day holiday care of the NHS, I employ two gardeners now one to do the heavy work leaving me to potter and one for the lawns. Count Joanne and Chris my cleaning Ladies and you become a major employer of local people. Now the rush is over I can relax in the sun watch the insects on my Bushes and the Crocosimia. Baby sitting Sonny next doors Jack Russel he trots around as if he owned the place, all well with my world now summer has at last arrived "Err" I hope.


Sounds idyllic Frank . enjoy the day  


Perfect weather here too - about 24C, sunny with a light breeze and 50% humidity.  About time I had some nice weather whilst on hols!

plant pauper


100% humidity over, under and throughout. 

Lovely day here so far, some high cloud but nothing we can't cope with - we need some rain. How's your weather Verdun - same?

Been hot for most of the day but getting cloudy now.  Could be some rain GD .....oops! As I write this the sun is out and all back to summer 

 Tail end of a hurricane on its way   Wind and heavy rain they say    But then heat returning next week 

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Verdun, I spoke too soon the usual North East weather came up behind and kicked me in the rear end, summer??? what summer.


Shame Frank but hopefully you still had a good day 


Oh no, not a hurricane - we could do with more than a spot of rain, but last time I wished for wet, it rained heavily for a day or two and did plenty of damage to the petunias.  Certainly don't want wind - does no good to our delicate plants does it. I'm one fussy gardener.

Been a damp morning but now quite sunny.  

Sorry GD, tonight and tomorrow morning will see heavy rain and gale force winds......well, that's what "they" say 

"They" are mostly wrong - "they" have to cover every possibility so "they" can say "told you". All thanks to Jack Frost or whatever his name was and the infamous hurricane. Gale force winds - it's a myth Verdun, she says holding her breathe.

It started to rain at about 2 p.m. and appears to have stopped now. We need the rain, but one heavy shower would be enough for me - not continual drizzle that doesn't wet anything properly.

The good news: week off work next week and forecast is warm and dry!

The bad news: friend's garden 'festival' tomorrow and forecast is heavy rain! (So will now be just drinking wine in a tent... what a disappointment! )


Yea!!! good ol'Essex RAIN at last - but will it last?