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James I have grown Russian Tarragon and it has not much 'Tarragon' flavour. I use the French variety and it has a good aniseed taste.

I have sown my sweet peas last week and will overwinter them in the greenhouse.

Good luck with all your seedlings.


Hello every body i have sown some seeds now aswell and they have taken but what do i do with them do i just leave them in the little trays there are in or do plant them in to bigger pots they are in my shed well its a summer house realy so its got lots of windows i have insurlated the walls with polistiren and bubble wrap sorry about spelling and at the moment just keep spraying them i have put polly on the Windows as well so iam i doing the right things any advice please would help

what are they lynda? and what are you spraying them with?


Found some more seeds in my shed also bought more sweet peas I'm going to be busy next year but hay they don't all have to go in next year do they 


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