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Mine is huge and largely unruly with bits under vague control ...2 veg plots, lots of bushes and trees, brambles and wild flowers and more grass than I can cut so I just cut paths through most of it!. I keep groups of pots of flowers near the door, window boxes and have 2 cold frames for cucumbers and courgettes later on. I had a greenhouse but it blew away so am currently constructing something out of an old garden swing seat, 2 window frames and a big piece of plastic ... the Heath Robinson approach! Luckily I like the unruliness and get lots of wild visitors through the year.

Quite big lawn (well it is for me) that can only be described as organised chaos.....oh and full of moss due to natural springs underneath it and a lack of lawn care knowledge..on the plus side I have lots of ideas of what to do but could do with a lottery win to allow me to full fill my dream. I have however in the past week watched my first daffodil open so spring is on its way and hopefully will bring some much needed dry weather to allow my lawn to start to recover.

Happy gardening everyone

Oh wow, LiliLouise, what an absolutely wonderful garden! But how on earth do you keep it all watered and fed, have you got leprechauns that work 24/7?

Gardening Grandma

Small,walled, an odd shape because some vandal sold off part of the garden years ago, surrounded with houses old and new, overlooked - that's my garden. On the plus side, the soil is lovely and somewhere around neutral; it had obviously been cultivated for years before another vandal covered all of it with uneven and hideous pavement slabs and odd bits of paving stone, laid in chippings. We've taken them up but in places the soil is full of chippings that keep coming to the surface and being skimmed off and replaced with a  mulch of compost or topsoil. By plugging away, we have cultivated it and made it look fairly good, but not the gorgeous, verdant garden I dream of. I envy those with huge gardens but am determined to make the best of what I have. I love perennials and climbers, but this year I have realised that to get the verdant look I want, I'll have to develop an knowledge of annuals to give extra colour and texture.

Hello Garden Grandma I intended complimenting you on your garden earlier but got diverted back to me allotment I,ve had some fleece delivered from a strawberry grower. Gives us the stuff after they replace it for new stuff he even drops it off for free I always give his little lad a few bob.Any enough of this blather your garden sounds great and you have obviously put loads of work into it .My wife grows a few dahlias some terrific colours also geraniums and her favourite Irises.Lovely colour. Carry on with the gardening Grandma I.m sure you,ll get it to how you want it.Regards Brian Cooper.



flowering rose

heavy clay soil on a hill,with a flower garden and veggie patch.

i live in the heart of the black country in a house built 29 years ago  with a small garden that slopes up away from the house.  The soil is poor and over the years we have struggled to grow a lot of stuff in it so now I tend to buy tough old plants that perform well and aren't too fussy and I am trying to attract more wildlife - had the first squirrel this year which I know a lot of people despise but I was thrilled as the area we live in quite urban with a strond industrial heritage although there is not much of the industry left now.

Hey up Flowering Rose sounds like you have a good outlook do you have trouble with the clay type soil. Brian

Hey up cbishopuk tried alpines .

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