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good old egg and chips, and never heard of a chedder curry,sounds good though,have you the recipe jo4eyes

Shrinking Violet

Rainbow trout with chestnut mushrooms, broccoli, carrots and peas.  Yummy!

Trying to think for a non-dried-fruit Christmas pudding - is it just the vine fruits that are the problem?  If so, other fruits could be substituted eg apricots, prunes, dates (which I put in my pudding with vine fruits anyway) and lots of glace fruits - pineapple, peaches, cherries, ginger, angelica.  You used to be able to get the mixed glace fruits from Julian Graves, but I don't know of a reliable source now.


maud - you have my sympathies - i was diagnosed with ibs 10 years ago and the list of things i can no longer eat grows constantly ! and christmas pud and christmas dinner were 2 o f my favourite yummies and now they re off limits ! on a more cheery note , there are still delicious things i can eat and tonights dinner was pheasant in red wine with lots of peppers from the tunnel , really tasty. and now i m having my friday glass (or two or three etc !) of white wine (It is friday is nt it ?) and thankfully my tummy has nt rejected vino yet ! theres always good sides


Am about to make coleslaw for the first time ever, simply to use up some white cabbage. There is a huge variety of recipes for it on the net; some involving sugar! Cabbage and sugar sounds v. weird. Does anyone have a 'pre-owned, much-loved' coleslaw recipe for me to copy?


For a quick and uncomplicated coleslaw I finely slice, shred or grate as appropriate a mix of white cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, celeriac or celery, red onion and/or mild white/brown onion, and apples (cox's are good for this), and dress with a mixture of half and half mayonnaise and plain yoghurt.  Keeps several days in the fridge.

Sometimes I add some raisins or sultanas.



Dovefromabove many thanks, it all sounds fab.

Maud, I hauled out my files on cakes and puddings, there is no alternative for that kind of pudding.
Christmas to me is apples orange and mixed spices from my childhood that was the season for those fruits, we were never short of dried fruits but it was supplemented with bottled fruits picked in season.
Why not make a nice steamed pudding with apple orange juice and zest with a touch of mixed spice (if that is allowed, or nut meg to give a Christmas smell), it would go well with a white sauce.
An eve's type pudding would be quick easy and tasty with orange added to the cake mix that goes on top.
Having the Christmas meal with one of my Daughters a year or so back I was horrified when she brought out a chocolate pudding, she was having me on as the proper Christmas pudding came out of the slow cooker and guess what with ten sitting down the Christmas pudding vanished and most of the chocolate was left.
Just a thought.



I might pinch that recipe Geoff

We are having jacket potatoes,egg mayo and salad (lettuce,tomatoes,cue,avocado and beetroot) followed by homemade date and apple cake with custard

Pam LL x


Tonight we are having shoulder of pork cooked from a recipe by John Torode - very slow cooked in a garlic, paprika, lemon marinade. Not done before, saw recipe and thought YUM

with cauliflower, potatoes, carrot. To follow a Mary Berry Tarte Tatin, as in programme earlier in week, 1/2 quantities

Son is here tonight so always try to do a decent meal for him.

It seems to be all dried fruit at the moment and apriclts are definately the worst. Thankyou for all your lovely ideas i will need to investigate further. Shepherds pie was so good we are having it again tonight, i made enough to feed the street.

Caz W

Lots of lovely veg at a reasonable price in the supermarket today, including sweet potatoes, so a nice vegetable soup has been made and also bought some french bread to have with it.  However, after all that goodness I fell for the temptation of some cream cakes for afters.


Supper this evening is chicken breasts wrapped in streaky bacon and baked in the oven surrounded by chunks of the last home grown butternut squash tossed in olive oil.  We'll have it with a lentil salad and garlic bread, and there's a third of a bottle of Sauv Blanc left, and a third of a bottle of Chianti, so we'll have to toss for who has which 

Well I hope you all enjoyed your food, mine was nearly warm home made mince pie and uncooked chips that got binned without tasting.
I put the fan oven on, it takes around five minutes to get up to speed, ten minutes later still cold. Put the top oven on takes 20 minutes to heat up, put pie and chips in, 35 minutes later hardly warm pie chips a soggy mess.
No Sunday lunch it will be the carvery and Monday?? well I cannot go to Comet and not too many places to try but try I will, lost without my cooker.
The next one will be a Bosch same as my fridges, never any trouble with them touch wood.




Sorry to hear of your cooker trouble Frank

In the past few years I have bought a cooker,freezer and fridge online with very good service from the companies I chose  The spaces I have for my fridge and my freezer are awkward sizes and I just couldn't face trailing round the shops

Pork chop,roasties,broccoli and roasted root veggies today with more date and apple cake and custard for pud  I will be using a homegrown sweet potato in with the veggies

Pam LL x


Oh dear Frank, sorry about you cooker, it's such a pain looking for new things and the hastle of having them fitted.

I bought a Halogen oven some time ago to use alongside of my conventional cooker, it's brilliant, especially if you want to cook a small amount, for 1 or 2  and the Yorkshire puddings turn out wonderful, and it's very economical.Anyway back to today's menu.

Roast Pork, stuffing, apple sauce. Roast and mashed potaotoes, mashed swede and carrots, leeks in white sauce. Followed by Pear and Apple crumble, custard and creme fraiche. I shall be using big oven today, as I am cooking for the family.



Sorry to hear about the cooker Frank, but look on the bright side - if you can't cook there's less washing up   You'd be welcome to join us for supper - it's downhill all the way from you and we won't be eating until about 6.30 - have you got a bike?

We're having slow roasted belly of pork with lots of crackling.  I'm going to make a pocket under the crackling and insert slices of apple and some sage leaves.  With it we'll have some roasted Crown Prince squash and some buttered curly kale.  We're not having a pudding but I'm sure Lovetogarden will save some crumble and creme fraiche for you on the way back North - you'll need a stop off as it's uphill going back 

Dovefromabove, at the moment I could skate downhill we have a heavy frost so a bike would need stabilisers, I suppose I could borrow the two year old's bike!!
Shopping on line is not me and as soon as my Daughter knew she said go on line, why? I can motor into the shopping centre 5 miles and pick from a selection in a combined shop the size of Sussex. They bring the new, take the old and I have two electrician SIL's. Another mile and we have a branch of the Lewis companies so there is choice.
I will go to the Carvery so popular it will be packed to the rafters, the meal though will be well up to standard, after years of school meals army meals and canteen lunches most carveries are up to standard, depends on how low your standards are. Saying that I will not be going to the local supermarket cafe, even the staff will not eat there.
As for pudding I rarely eat them now only making them if I have the grand children although they prefer fruit.



We could've skated earlier this morning Frank, but now you'd need a pontoon raft!

Have a good lunch