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Grey, but dry here in WManchester today.

Got a lot done outside, Anything obviously finished was removed but still more cutting back to do. A lot of stuff is still going strong, so seems a shame to dispose of it yet. J.

Caz W

Started grey and murky but sun came out this afternoon - typical that OH & I both had dental appointments then and had some shopping to do.


It was a tropical 13c here today almost got the BBQ out well nearly !  not much in  the way of sunshine but at least it's been dry and the ground is drying out just in time for the heavy rain on Friday !


Dry and bright this morning, rain in the afternoon. Looking forward to the weekend when I can see the garden again.


Very foggy and dank, Yuk



We've now got a lovely sunny autumn day!

Dull, but dry earlier, walked to local shops. Back home to make 'bottom of fridge/veg rack soup' with newly purchased crusty bread & grated cheese- very yummy.

Off out in a bit to continue cutting back in borders. J.

Beautifully warm sunny day.
...and to add to the "summer" scene loads of bees are visiting Salvia Leucanthemum right now.....what an attractive plant it is too. Been flowering from mid summer and still in full flower. And it's reasonably hardy if winter is fair.

Nr Lincoln.

Been a lovely day, warm and sunny. It's getting cold now it's dark, feels like we will get a frost. We have a few bees on the ivy flowers



Its been a bit dull with the odd sunny spell here in Halifax.  The birds have finished off all the berries in the garden now, so I have started putting out wild bird food. I love to see so many wild birds in winter.


Been damp,dank and cold here. Cold might be damp though. Hills are not visible

Shrinking Violet

Dark, damp, dank, misty, murky. 

No sun.  No warmth.  No let-up in the misery.  November!

(with apologies to Thomas Hood who penned the much better, November poem!).

Nice morning driving to work, the sky was blue with white clouds and I caught the birds feeding first thing in the garden which always cheers me up for the day ahead at work.

I've a new feeder which is absolutely rubbish. It seems to leak seeds onto the ground. It was one of the more expensive one's too, decided to branch out from the cheaper plastic one's, that'll teach me. 


Bit cooler today at 12.8c so nice in fact that I went out and cut the grass (rightly or wrongly) and vac'd all the leaves up from the back garden hoe'd the borders over just to keep it going over the winter,  there's heavy rain forecast tomorrow but I'll wait and see.

"Ah" Posh, Thomas Hood also wrote the "The song of the shirt" you could say a dirge against industrialised labour, also known for his comic poems.
Glorious day here on Teesside I had to cross the Styx to the Borough side a bit duller then back up into Durham lovely sunshine the woods at Wynyard in beautiful technicolour, the fields with a slight mist rising as I cane back and the sun setting in the west striking colour off the clouds.
I went to see Alfy the terrier who never left my side whilst at my daughters, "oh" did I say also visited to see said daughter. Alfy wanted to come back with me, he knows his friends.




Dry but really miserable again. Cannot see the Hills.


WManchester is dry & bright at the mo. Lots of rain expected later though.

Was about 3C in my back garden this morning. J.

Shrinking Violet

It was even worse today - thick fog in places that didn't lift all day.  Tonight it's raining.


WManchester- It did rain all last evening & night. Brightenjng up a bit now, but noticably colder. J.


Well the rain did come but ti started last night about 8ish and carried on through the night till 9.30 this morning, so the ground that was drying out is now sodden again  not been to bad today sort of a typical Autumnal day cloud and sunny spells but very cool,  even now it's 3.8c so going to be a cold night.