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Bunny ...
Scottish border, very nippy wind but sunny

Cold and windy here in Worcs today. Christmas tree in pot blown over and a quick walk around the garden has shown the lavetera broken I guess by the weight of the snow. No real rain just a very damp feel at moment.

Flood warnings are now in place,


Nr Lincoln.

Not a bad day here. Breezy and dry. Rain forecast for later, so hope washing drys before than.


Bunny ...
Brrrrrrr very cold wind and now rain/hail .

Dry and sunny early on now a bit dour, definitely colder could see the Cleveland Hills earlier not now.



Caz W

Very windy and very rainy and quite chilly too!  Think you're all going to get it soon .

Stay inside, drink tea & eat cake


The Fens; heavy rain earlier. My broad beans are looking depressed.


Started out very early, just above freezing, with a definite frost on OH's car & the grass.

Windy, dull, but dry this morning, so risked putting some washing out. Daughter got back in about lunchtime. Started to rain early afternoon, so I washed my car when I got home. Uses less water when it's already wet. J.

Think they must be doing a remake of the Wizard of Oz here in the SE! Have all curtains pulled so I can't see if anything is taking off. Raining too. So glad son decided not to go to work on motor bike today. Would be a shadow of myself otherwise!

Wet and windy here in dorset not good for my new trees just put in !!

Bunny ...
Wild gales !!!!!!! Another rubbish sleep ahead boooooo .

Wet and wild here. A fence panel has been blown in too, wouldn't have gone out and noticed it if it wasn't for being bin day tomorrow.  

Highland Jeannie

A bit windy & wet here today.

Cake, did someone mention cake???  I love cake!!!

Bunny ...
Gales all night , still the same dry but rain due by this afternoon

Cake highland jeannie ...yes I have cake , pop round il put the kettle on



Dull, cold and a chance of showers.....great


Rain and fog, can't see bottom of the garden but I have had a lovely morning in the conservatory stopping all autumns cuttings of geraniums and fuchsias.

flowering rose

Rain ,rain, and wind,the ford is flowing and means trouble,the soil is so soggy ,will it ever dry out!