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The sun has appeared occasionaly today. The frogs have covered the pond in frogspawn so it is warm enough for something.

Bunny ...

snow due overnight and tomorrow....


Yes I'm just watchin gthe forecast on the BBC and it's not looking very good for the whole of the country,  heavy rain and snow oh and now thunder ho hum !

Dull, wet and windy here. 

Not sown any toms yet, there hasn't been any room in the propagator. I've taken the cover of the chillies though so should have some room in a couple of days. Seedlings on the window ledge are looking OK.  


Kinda dull and damp this morning with a light sea fret type rain,  had very heavy rain through the night so the garden is water logged again,  slight breeze and at 6.1c not to bad temperature wise I do see a break in the clouds so maybe just maybe the sun will get through.


Bunny ...
Very cold, sleet/snow/rain ...miserable weather .

Not gardening weather in Stockton but come next weekend the heated sandbox will be fired up and the Tomato seed will go in plus the first pots of sweet peas.
I do not mess with them they go in deep pots out of the packet and left to set and grow on, then drop them out of the pot into position and sow some extra seeds around for a longer flowering time. I do not go with all the mystique for growing sweet peas.


Just back from shopping trip out of town - huge hail and thunderstorm, power went off 3 times in the store, interminable wait for the tills to boot up...not the most pleasant Saturday outing.
Very wet last night and this morning. Lovely sky and even quite warm. Might sunbathe....not quite! Planted my latest helebore

Very soggy underfoot and poss more snow or rain to come.  Last year at this time Nr Norwich we had a forthcoming Drought what a difference this year ... Please lets have a little sun. 

Looked like rain all morning but stayed dry and the sun came out.

Started off making some fresh seaweed feed today. The lid on the bin must leak because it was full of old feed from last year, it doesn't age well.  


Another cold, wet, windy day.  It's never ending.

clogherhead wrote (see)

Evening all ,had a great day on my allotment Sun shining all day except when I took delivery of 10 scaffolding planks and the Man says it looks like rain arhhhhhhhhh the bloooooody heavens opened rain sleet and hailstones plot is saturated .note to self must learn how to post video links from YouTube got frustrated last nite and left the Party early


I think this is more suitable here than on fork handles



Maybe Derek, but what about the party??

Splashes of very heavy rain interspersed by luverly sun shine. Worked in GH, no coat. Temps last night above freezing (3C) Think it will be the same tonight as well

Hoping it means spring has sprung



Wet wet wet and predicted to get colder again. Very fed up not being able to get outside and get on

Blue skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies can I see
Sunshine on the back of my neck
Warm lovely sunshine "eh by eck"

Its much warmer today sorry to boast
Although I see clouds over the coast
Who cares as long as I can gaze
Out of open windows at a heat haze.

Stockton today folks sorry about that Bunny and FloBear.



Dry for the present but heavy rain forecast for this afternoon. Am thinking of starting up a business of modelling clay pots.

Depressed of Kent.


Frank, I imagined you playing and singing that  Very cheering.

In the Chilterns, the only song Frank would be singing today is ' Raindrops keep falling on my head.....'. Plans to go up the allotment for some digging, washed away down the hill!