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I also wondered if I have to dress differently for rain than I do for showers!

 thankyou Insomnia 1973 for good clear answer (clear as mud!)


Miss Becks

Just have a bigger brolly!

Pottie Pam

I think the weathermen say 'showers' when they are not sure what it's going to do.

Not too bad here in Cornwall. A bit breezy but at least it's dry. We have no yellow weather warning today which we've had for a few days warning about heavy rain.

michael7 wrote (see)

I still want to know the official difference between rain and showers and it's got nothing to do with the song 'April Showers'.   It is now the end of August and yesterday the weatherman forecast 'rain followed by showers'. When I go outside and I'm getting wet do I say "This is only a shower" or do I say "This is only rain". Is rain wetter than a shower or vice versa?



Right then lets get technical, Rain is a continuous fall of water from the heavens in droplets for an unlimited time and can be defined as Light, Medium, heavy, Hissing it down or good grief launch the Dinghy. In the North it can also be a sea mist a sea fret or that b@@@@@ north sea again.
A shower on the other hand is a brief fall of water hale snow sleet, or it could include arrows bullets dust stones or sparks.
From that one would deduce Rain is a continuous fall of water and a Shower a short sharp fall of what ever takes your fancy.
Weather forecasters will say rain for a continuous fall and followed by showers short sharp bursts from the heavens, one is get your umbrella up before leaving the other hard luck you did not have time, I still think they only fall in April, the rest is just wet.



well here in sunny sandown.. we have blue skies and strong stiff breeze.. lots of clouds moslty white and fluffy bu tsome dark and threatening.. teh rain stopped about 7.30 am to day just when i put my washing out.. brill have got two loads dry today. and it is supposed to get better of the weekend.



Rainy here with a menacing looking sky, tomorrow is supposed to be nice though so having a relaxing day doing not very much at all.

Well, thankyou Frank,Palaise glide and anyone else who joined in, it's nice to know you can always get a clear answer on here! must go now as the washing is getting wet due to heavy moisture coming down from the heavens!

                 MIKE X



Well Mike, with weather a clear answer is almost impossible as each area has its own ideas on it and the forecasters seem to have no idea.
Here in Stockton, twice light rain has meant a deluge and heavy rain forecast meant we got a day of sun?
My way is look out of the window and at the clock, a shower is here and gone and rain is continuous.
After our "err" light rain deluge this morning we now have sun and blue sky, from all of that I would say anything over a very short sharp wetting is rain, a shower is what gets you when you have walked fifty yards from the car not taking your coat as the sun was shining.
Hope this clears the smoke a bit,


Shrinking Violet

Oh, Frank - as ever, you have the ability to bring a much-needed smile to one's face!  As a description of the British weather, it seems to me you're spot on! 

It's been OK-ish here in the West Country.  A few occasional drops and drips, but mostly breezy and bright.  Looks good for the weekend, so fingers crossed on that one! 

For the record, my tomatoes in GH are stunted (about 3ft high, couple of trusses per plant - Italian plum variety) but the tried and trusted Gardeners' Delight in troughs outside are performing well.  I pick the toms like little sweets, so a reduced amount end up in the kitchen!  But the chutney made with them and chillies from the GH is superb (according to neighbour, the recipient of a jar!).  Hope to keep cropping for a good few weeks yet.  Who knows!  Wettest summer for 100 years - and most of it has been here in the West, methinks

We had some sun today and the sky was clear this evening.It's gone quite cold now, so much so I've put fleece over the Christmas spuds, I'm determined to have some this year and they'll be going in the shed tomorrow evening if it's just as cold   


My weather was the same as yours Frank,  it was gone 10 this morning before the dog and I managed to get out,  it was coming down like stair rods and the wind was blowing a right hooley,  then this afternoon it was nice and sunny but not very warm at all,  it did manage to get to a staggering 11.7c in the garden and now at 22.10 it's 6.7c,  how dare the weather men say there will be a touch of ground frost in places,  it's Summer for goodness sake !! ! ! ! ! !   


Frost in August? That would put me in a right old mood.

I saw that forecast "Rain" a touch of frost will be inland, my Son in the Vale of York normally gets it first. With us being near the sea it will be cold but no frost.
Posh, had a visitor tonight to see her Sun Flower, and to be photographed standing by it, I should say being towered over by it and its big smiling face. Hannah was delighted, we had to lift her so her face was level with the flower and the sun came out to light it all up. The evidence will be presented at school next week when they start.
She thinks I work miracles, well had you seen the poor bedraggled thing I got from her that is probably so, the weather seems to have been ideal for it.


Shrinking Violet

Grandad's magic green fingers, eh Frank?  I bet the memory will stay with her for the rest of her life - and what a wonderful memory to have.

When my son was a young Beaver Scout, he was helped by the leaders to plant a daffodil.  It came home in the pot, and he had to nurture it in readiness for next spring.  It did so well, it flowered weeks before he was due to take it back to Beavers, so we had to take a photo to prove that it had flowered.  He (now mid twenties) still remembers it - and we still have the photos to remember it by.  Now - where did all those years go???

Hello Posh, you are a bit of a night bird, I signed off last night and went to bed not expecting an answer.
I did get some lovely cuddles from Hannah as she raked through the ice cream in the freezer, cleared the biscuit jar and drank all the orange juice so maybe her memories will be granddads ever open fridge.
I looked at the box saying Stockton on Tees Sunny/Clear with some surprise today because out side it was "wait for it" sunny and clear!! blue sky all round with some fluffy cotton bud cloud. Give them, whom ever they may be a cookie out of the jar.




It is cold, dark, wet and windy here so no gardening today.   However, set to be warmer and sunnier and dry tomorrow so that's OK.

Gave up trying to grow sunflowers so, of course, I have a crop of them from the garden compost I spread on a newly cleared bed and also from the bird food.  Typical.


Lovely and sunny here today but a bit on the chilly side,  it's just got to 12c,  the ground was very wet this morning when I was out with the dog and in the shady spots there was a bit of frost cover,  the berries on next doors tree are being eaten by the birds already so maybe it's going to be a long hard winter,  I do hope not.

Pennine Petal
Sunny in Rossendale this morning, but quite cool. Grey clouds coming over now and some gusty wind now and then. One week of holiday left, so an Indian summer will probably kick in then!

today started off sunny but chilly.. warmed up about 10am and is now glorious blue skies with clouds and warm.. back from day out and just off in the garden. cuttngs to take. and cuting back to do.



Nr Lincoln. 

Beautiful day, sunshine and light breeze, fairly warm too. Things are looking up might even venture out to have a look round now all shopping and chores are done.

Will no doubt find plenty to do.!