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Shrinking Violet

Lovely day - lots of sunshine, which clouded over from time to time - but it was a treat to have the brightness and relative warmth.  Good day for drying washing, and it's now all ironed, too, so lots of self-awarded brownie points!

Cleared what was left of the sweet pea plants, cleared a lot of excess foliage at the bottom of the tomato plants, and spent a goodly amount of time going round the garden dead-heading - a never-ending task.

Sat down this evening to enjoy a feast of gardening programmes:  Hidcote for a full hour, Mastermind for amusing interlude, and GW.  Bliss.  (Monty is much more relaxed in his own garden - his personality has grown on me.)

It certainly was nice in your part of the country today Frank, so much so  I missed the junction for Hartlepool but knew I'd over run when signs for Washington came up. It was either the blue sky or chatter in the car which distracted me

Not so nice in this part of the NW, the showers gradually turned to rain on the way home and if it wasn't frost this morning then it was very cold, the ground was damp and everything covered in a thin layer of dew.  


The potty gardener

Nice morning on the  East Sussex coast. Not sunny like yesterday but a lovely day to get outside. Just getting my fix of QVC gardening seeing all the things I'd like to buy.

Have a good weekend everyone

Zoomer, can understand the wish to escape to Washington, we say Hell Hull and Hartlepool, never forgave them for hanging Monkey's all over the place.
Today's box says Stockton on Tees slightly cloudy?? well there must be sky up there somewhere but we cannot see any. It is warm and my house guest Max half Lab half Sheep is flat out on the Conservatory floor, his family are booked in to see the Panda Edinburgh Zoo among other things this weekend.
Then I get Alfy for a month while his family are in America, we would never dream of putting them in kennels and they never want to go back home either, must be that fresh chicken and fish I feed them.



Nr Lincoln.

Today hasn't turn out to be as good as promise,quite warm but not much sun. Hope the rain holds off until we have had our BBQ.

Frank, I bet you spoil Max and Alfy rotten. I have been looking after my Sister-in-laws cat Fleur for a few days while she has been visiting her daughter, did my last feeding duty this morning.

Chris X


Lovely sunny and warm day in Chilterns, and have finished watering allotment and greenhouse before I depart for Cyprus tomorrow morning - everything is now at the mercy of my neighbour who has kindly volunteered to water etc - still she's a keen gardener herself so I'm sure that when I return, it will all be in better nick than when I left! Good luck with the weather everybody - hope your gardens thrive over the next few weeks.

Grey start in Sunny Worthing today but it later lived up to its name just as i had started clearing out the greenhouse, looked like i had got caught in the rain. Sweaty!!!!! not very nice but i am clean now. Also started cutting things back ready for the winter. It only seemed a few days ago i was getting ready for the summer. Made lots of mistakes that hopefully i wont make next year probably make a loy of others though. I thought we were supposed to learn from them ha ha

Have a nice holiday dmball.

Spent the day in Preston as it's Preston guild week. The weather was kind, clear skies with a slight breeze. If anyone's in the area there's lots going on over the coming week and it only happens every 20yrs. It kicks off with a vintage weekend. We plan to go again to the torchlight poossession next Saturday.

The box says Stockton on Tees is partly cloudy, looking out of the window tells me those are fluff balls of white with sunshine pouring through them, the doors are open and Max is sitting at the gate watching the world go by after his walk and breakfast.
He can smell the pork roasting on a bed of veg knowing full well he will get his share, he likes his Yorkshires.



Nr Lincoln.

Good morning everyone, and Max.

Lovely morning here, warm and sunny,

Frank, can we all come round for lunch please, it sounds so good

Enjoy your day.


lovetogarden wrote (see)

Frank, can we all come round for lunch please, it sounds so good

May as well Chris, a few more would not make a difference, off to make the apple sauce mix the Yorlshires and prepare the rest of the veg.
The poached Nectarines are for tea with cream. Luckily I get out of the washing up and sit in the sunny garden or watch the games.


Pennine Petal
Our weather box says misty, hope that doesn't mean all day. I think we will have to go and find some sunshine.

Its been glorious my side of The Styx today Frank,  it got to 22.2c so nice and warm to go and have a go at the garden,  it's just clouding in now but still 21.3 so not a lot cooler,  the Sky is going a bit pixelated  so I guess there's something naughty on the way,  oh well enjoyed today anyway.

Here in the NW it's been another nice day, sunny and hot, sun cream was needed 

Nice day all over Teesside yesterday Rain, for once.
Today the box says Sunny / clear, not exactly it is sunny and has been since early morning but clear it ain't, the sun will burn it off later.
Off to Appleton Wiske to pick Son up from farm and off to Ripon, got a call for help he had no transport??? Range Rover never breaks, broke and on blocks, Subaru solid as a rock proved fragile and DIL a Midwife (that comes in handy lambing or calving) needs only other transport, so it was Ripon on the JCB or Dad.
So a nice ride out on a sunny day is better than blasting through the house with hoover and duster before Daughter arrives to clean up for me?
We do lead a queer life at times.


Pottie Pam

I think our children need our help more when they are grown up, Frank.

Not a bad day here in Cornwall, a bit overcast but brighter this afternoon.

Pennine Petal
Frank, you sound like a great dad!

Sunnis out now, thinking of you going to Arley Hall in Cheshire.
Alina W

Actually bright and sunny here in North Yorks - I'm reeling from the shock!


Sunny, mostly, and warm. Sadly, not enough breeze to dry the mountains of washing quickly so now have a backlog of wet stuff.


hi has been very hot today 22c onlyt slight breeze.. blue skies and fluffy white clouds.. do need rain.. garden is llike concrete and the lawn fertilizer still  not soaked in.