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Just started chucking it down here in South Devon, with the odd rumble of thunder. I KNEW I should have cut the courgettes for tea sooner! Off I go...

Dear Just learning worked out i have 10 pets buried in my garden, all much loved and much missed. The husband suggested i put a map of them all in with the house deeds but i am never moving again too much like hard work. Not so much rain today and managed a shoppping trip into town without getting too wet. Started the dreaded christmas shopping at least i get it all done early so i dont have to battle with hoards of people

Rain it is raining here after a day of sunshine, the whole place has a bedraggled look about it and coming back round the ring road this afternoon passed through a dip where the water would have been up to the car roof yesterday.
It took a while to get the A19 and A66 fully open after the floods and some of the minor roads still closed, at least we can see the bridges over the two becks in our area now.
Alfy is not having to negotiate a pond to wander the garden although he loves being towelled dry after, I will miss him when he goes home but not having to hoover up his hair, the carpet looks like a snowfall.


We have been really lucky down here in the Chilterns - some of our local streams are still dried-up gullies, even though we have had a few heavy showers , nothing like the weather you are getting in Yorkshire and beyond. Best wishes to everybody badly affected up there, and hope things soon improve.

Nr Lincoln.

Good morning.

Lovely morning here in Lincoln, wall to wall blue sky, and reasonably warm. Will it last We must have had some rain over night as things are a bit damp.



Pottie Pam

Hope you are okay, Frank. It seems to have been bad up your way.


It's actually not raining today! Damp & brightish, but not really any sun. Have put some washing out, well will hopefully need less tumbling......

Spoken to friend in NWorcs where there is sun! J.


Sun here now J.

Sun shine at the moment but its bound to rain again because the window cleaner has just arrived.

Pam all OK I live on a hill it is all down from here and the houses at the bottom are a sloping field away from the raging water that was a gentle stream. The high tide also held the water back hence the floods on the A66 and A19.
I went to Teasdale Park in brilliant sunshine this morning and came back through heavy cloud, it looked very black over Rain's side of the Tees a bit lighter this side.
Like you Maud the window cleaner arrived and Alfy went mad, they do a good job using a new water system the windows and frames gleam,


I happened to be on the loo when they cleaned the window. Very difficult trying to hide. Last time they caught my daughter in the all together in the bathroom. I do hope they are not making a habit of it.


It is rather bleak my side of The Styx Frank been spitting most of the day but at least the wind has dropped, just waiting for my Asda on line order to come between 2 - 4 more often than not its early which I like then I can get on with things,  can't do anything in the garden as it's like a bog,  managed to get some fat balls out for the bird but squelched across the grass.

What a diverse Country we live in - I'm out to cut the lawn later, whilst RJL is squelching across the grass. No doubt my turn will come in the near future - with interest! Hope things return to some sort of normality for everyone soon.
Maud is in the garden wrote (see)

I happened to be on the loo when they cleaned the window. Very difficult trying to hide. Last time they caught my daughter in the all together in the bathroom. I do hope they are not making a habit of it.

Good grief, have they recovered yet? if they caught me that way I would probably never see them again.
Rain, sunshine my side of the Styx although looking across the valley you appear to be under a cloud, it looks very murky to the north and blackish over the coast, I must have done something right???



Glad you both ok Frank & Rain. Pretty rough for lots of folks though with the floods.

Our window cleaners now come every 4 weeks on the same weekday, so at least have a day to remember to put note on daughters' window if she's sleeping after night work.

The sun didnt last. The odd heavy shower out there now, so washing in tumbler. Have actually opened the coldframe a crack as not cold & had just watered the3 seedlings & cuttings in there. J.




It was lovely this morning, but it all changed this afternoon! Yuk!!

I feel so sorry for the people affected by the floods, It takes so long to get everything back to normal, if at all!  Hebden Bridge is still drying out from the previous floods and lots of businesses are not reopening.

The rain has subsided here, a few showers and there were black clouds overhead driving home but we seem to have come through the worst.

A guy at work, after he saw his neighbours car stuck on the flooded road gave up trying to get his car home on Tuesday, left it on high ground and waded through the water, fortunately he lives on higher ground so the house wasn't flooded.

Water on flooded roads seems to have receded fairly quickly. Was due to come across to Stockton on Wednesday Frank but cancelled the trip, probably no chance of me getting through. Hope things dry out as quickly for you guys as they have here.   


Zoomer, I always go out one way come back another so virtually circle the town, the roads are all OK but the build up of traffic as people found ways round the A1m floods was causing a bit of chaos and we are due some more heavy rain from Sunday.


Rain then sun then rain and now sun again. We are safe from window cleaners for another month. I was quite glad i had left their money outside so i didnt have to face????? them. Started putting the garden to bed for the winter yesterdau always a sad day when i do that. Summer was over so quickly this year


yesterday was gorgeous got out and did some moving of plants and cutting back.. today has been heavey showers and sun with strong wind.. not managed to get out today but hopefully tomorrow is supposed to be good so out i will be.