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It had to be one of the warmest days this year here either that or I've possibly got accustomed to it being wet and cold all the time. Sunny and clear blue skies. Got loads done in the garden then sat and read, taking in the sun.  

Caz W

That's the trouble with us gardeners, we have a fine day and work like crazy and often don't think of sitting and relaxing in a bit of autumn sunshine! Glad you did the right thing and enjoyed it Zoomer44

Shrinking Violet - I thought it was you waving yesterday




Shrinking Violet

Nice day of sunshine with a bit more cloud than yesterday.  Got a lot done - cleared and cleaned GH and am nearly done with getting things battened down for winter in there.  There's still a lot of colour in the garden, and I must harden my heart and really get it sorted.  Trouble is, the verbena bonariensis still has lots of flowers giving late butterflies a much-needed boost (and I know their seeds will sustain the birds - but, oh the seedlings!  Everywhere!).  And the Michaelmas daisies are very late this year - but are dripping with butterflies, so they will just have to wait until they are well and truly finished before I cut them down. 

Badger (I presume) has rolled in the Miscanthus by the leat - so I'm in two minds whether or not to prop it back up or cut it down.  Roses are still blooming and in fine fettle. Hebes still in flower.  Verbascum has sent up yet more flowers. 

On second thoughts, perhaps I'll give it all just a couple more weeks . . . . .

(Caroline - if the weather sets in as they are suggesting it will this week, we'll be lucky to see the shore, let alone wave/do semaphore! 


Yesterday was a truly amazing day,  wall to wall sunshine from the start and until it set,  only got to about 12c but because there was no breeze at all it was so warm I even sat out in it having a cuppa and I could feel the heat on my cheek,  today is soooo different,  wall to wall fog even now at 12.08 it has just managed to get into double figures at 10.1c the sun slowly breaking through the fog but not heat in it but never mind I got done yesterday what I wanted to do so I'm a happy bunny with that.

Pottie Pam

Dawn yesterday, but very different today. Really strange this morning. the windows were steamed up outside and  it felt like going into a steamy bathroom. Still foggy now.



Nr Lincoln.

Hi everyone.

It's been a mixed weather day today.

Misty damp morning, a bit grey, then we had a shower, then sun, now its turned overcast and chilly.

Hope its fine tomorrow so I can finish planting the wallflowers.



I enjoyed yesterday too. OH was taking photographs & I just sat on the nearest seat in the sun- lovely!

Today it was raining a bit in NEast Derbyshire. Foggy over the tops, then brilliant sunshine in Greater Manchester. I finally managed to do the final lawn cut of the season & wash the car! J.


Nr Lincoln.

Good morning all.

Lovely sunny morning here, coolish, will have to wrap up when I go out to finish planting wallflowers.

Hope you are ok Frank, have missed your regular postings.



Morning all.

Change of plans today, so unexpected chance to get outside & sweep leaves & find permanent homes for the wallfowers I quickly poppped into space on veg bed yesterday.

Bright, cool but nice autumnal day here in Manchester. J.

Alina W

Bright and cool here in N. Yorks, too. I have a rampant hydrangea to plant out - it was small and innocent-looking when I bought it at the Harrogate Show in spring, and it's grown wildly ever since I potted it on!

Chris, thanks for asking, all OK giving it a rest is all.


How much more rain is there up there? Fine when i went out and then it tipped down and me with no coat or brolly. Its supposed to be better tomorrow


Raining all day. Have had to take dogs out although the oldie wasn't keen - trouble is she hates being left behind. The river is very high, will be out again soon, though at least we have flood plains here. Chickens have been confined to barracks now so they dry out before bedtime.


Hi again.

It's still sunny here, I saw on the weather at lunch time that the south west and southern counties generally are having a lot of rain. Just sorted out my pots of lilies, must stop buying then, up to 20 something now.

Pleased all's well Frank. you get used to seeing peoples postings, don't stay away too long.


Hi all, up here in Cumbria we have had two sucessive days of sunshine which has nearly resulted in my having to have a lie down. Very hard frost this morning though and I was relieved to find I had not lost my pot plants. they have gone in the shed this afternoon though. Sadly back to the almost constant rain tomorrow so nothing new there then


Two lovely sunny days here too, the sky was a clear blue tonight.  Chilly and cold first thing, with a blanket of dew on almost everything, which, I always think looks rather nice especially on spiders webs. 


Its been another lovely day,  in fact it's been nice and sunny since Sunday not warm in the shade but there's still some heat in the sun in fact I sat out in it yesterday afternoon and could feel the heat on my cheek,  as there was no wind it just felt like Summer,  it was lovely here first thing but it's got rather cloudy now but the sun is trying to get through the cloud and the wind has picked up a bit,  heavy rain forecast tomorrow 

Caz W

It's tumble dryer weather here in South Wales!

Zoomer - I love cobwebs too and took these pics when they were covered in dew.  You have no idea how many there are until they are wet or you walk into one! (Apologies to those who don't like anything to do with spiders)



I managed to get caught up in a cobweb and was amazed at how strong it was, beautiful pictures. Sunny here today but think we will have rain again tomorrow, always rains on days i go swimming. A while after getting caught in cobweb i could feel something tickling round my neck this went on for half an hour i then found the spider, gave me the creeps. Managed to catch it and its now safely back outside


Nr Lincoln.

Afternoon everyone.

It's been a lovely day here, although to box said Dark Clouds, we haven't seen any.

I quite like this time of year. It was very still, no wind, and fairly warm as we went through the Wolds to the garden centre. OH now has new hoses for the garden pond pump, and has reconnected them,so all's well again..

I don't mind spiders, and the webs that they spin are just incredible and you get to see their beautiful patterns when the dew is on them. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.