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Unless the wind dies down a bit I shant go down to greenhouse today! The polycarbonate roof panels can flip out & I dont want to be underneath that! Sowing sweetpeas can wait a couple of days!

Very wet & windy here in WManchester this morning. Daughter flying over to IOM about now- not my idea of fun in this wind. They are/were delayed a bit apprently.

This time last year the gales were sooo bad that my flight over was cancelled! That isnt what they said was the cause, but must've been. So the plane I did go on was bigger, full & so didnt bounce around as much- phew! J.

A while back the box said light rain, watching the teeming water run down the road I would not like any heavy rain. Now it says Stockton cloudy so with the sun blasting through the window I look out and sure enough it is cloudy apart from the blue patch overhead. It looks very murky your side of the Styx Rain. Must go out but will stay well clear of yon yorkshire bit.



Nr Lincoln.

Cold wind today, very blustery, but at the moment fine. The sky looks as though we are in for a shower or two. Need a couple of woollies on to go outside.Brrr.

Have a good day folks.


We have sunshine at the mo but more rain is on the way. Oh good. Hope to go into town tomorrow to do maybe a bit more C............ shopping. I know back in the naughty corner for me. Hope you are all well


Very windy, sunshine, hills are beginning to get clouds over them. rescued couple blown down plants


Wet and windy most of the day although the sun did try to poke through the cloud this afternoon and was low in the sky driving home.

Might be joining you in the naughty corner, Maud,  I've already done most of, only need to buy for close family....I don't like the queues at C.........the pushing in, frayed tempers and inflated prices takes part of the fun out of the festive season for me. Still go shopping though cause I like the markets at that time of year but there isn't a compulsion to buy anything..

Caz W

DIdn't think I'd be able to say this - it didn't rain today.  Collected loads of leaves from the ground and from the pond and almost wore my secateurs out!  Forecast looking pretty awful so glad I made the most of it.

Funny old day it turned out to be.
The sun was shining as I got ready to go out and as I locked the door it was bucketing down. Drove down the back lane and was sandblasted by leaves small branches and anything loose, water was gushing off the fields and running down the road like a river.
coming home was no better it got so dark we had lights on full.
Tonight I sat watching a glorious sunset with clear sky and now it is raining?
My Daughter informs me I have also done my "C" shopping plus birthday presents for two in December and will be billed shortly, funny I do not remember doing it, I must start a diary.


Alina W

Well, after being blown to pieces yesterday we have less wind but lots more rain today, with some of the roundabouts on the bypass flooding - oh, goody, gridlocked traffic.

I think that I shall hibernate...

I hear water and it's everywhere
it seems to be dropping from the air
I stuck my head out and it wet my hair
I wonder why
I wonder why?

I may put that to music and get Doris Day to sing it then SCD could do an American Smooth to it. Stockton light rain says the box, so why have I got a pond out back then.

Guess what, a beam of sunshine has now bathed me in light out of a dark dour sky, now at my age that scares me a bit, is it the call I ask??
A quiet day no shopping and the garden is out unless I break out the rubber dinghy so cleaning cooking Piano practice maybe, I could do with some.



Nr Lincoln.

Hi folks.

Beautiful day here, sun's shining after a very wet night. The pond overflowed so we must have had quite a downpour.  The box says sunny/clear. That will do for me.





Just stared getting windy but glorious sun. very wet night. Good gardening day

Rain was forecast for today and so far only 1 shower, the rest of the time it has been sunny, doesnt look good for the rest of the week though

Pennine Petal

Howling wind, thunder, hailstones and intermittent sunshine. Who knows what to put on when you go out in this weather. Have decided to stay in, as working at home today, though obviously need a break for catching up with the forum! OH watching rescheduled football.


The garden is no longer a pond but a lake, plants (including trees) swimming up here in north Cumbria. Why is it that every time I look at the evening weather map there is one bank of cloud and it is over my house??? Really heavy rain all day. The ground is so saturated that the water has nowhere to go so it just sits there. Oddly in this completely wet year my 15' row of carelessly planted sweet peas have provided me with months of vases of cut flowers sometimes six a day and even in this dreadful rain I was able to dash out and rescue a couple of bunches from the top of the plants which have at times been laid horizontal to the ground by the sweeping winds we have here.



Manchester- wet all last night, then dried up by first thing.

Drove down to NWorcestershire & wasnt too bad- sun a lot of the time. Still dry when back this evening.

M6 a pain though, diverted via Wolverhampton ring road late this morning & stopped at Stafford services this evening to allow the jam further up to sort itself out, which it did! J.

Stockton on Tees partly cloudy??? which part would that be then? I can see blue skies bright as can be and lovely sunshine beaming at me. Should write a song about it or even a sonnet.
Yesterday turned out nice with late morning and afternoon sun then a downpour tea time followed by the last embers of the sun sinking in the west, it reminds me of those Desert sunrises and sunsets I never tired of watching, one minute there next minute gone.
Washing shopping and with a little luck a wander round the GC running quickly past the "C" things, at least a smaller section of them this year.



Morning Frank.

It rained again last evening but the sun has arrived just now in Manchester, along with a streaming cold! Thank you daughter.

Am waiting on the washing machine finishing, then am off out to start wrapping up pots of plants to be stored etc. Have taken tablets, have lots of tissues in pockets/shed & will cope..... J.



Rained all night - 5mm Supposed to be sunny but sky is becoming more overcast and gloomy.

Garden is just a squelch to walk on.

Jo, sorry to hear about the cold and you have to take care.
It is not raining yet although looking very much like it, just arrived back after a late start, I suddenly remembered my notes were in the back pocket of the trousers in the washer going full blast. Stop washer wait for what seems hours and get money from pocket soaking wet. out came the iron and kitchen paper ironed them dry slowly but fifty pound is worth taking care over so all was well only shopping started later than planned.