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Bet she'd have seen a crumb on the carpet though, eh?


Awww Smokin you're just not appreciated enough. I would love a handyman around to fix things, make good from old etc. Perhaps she was just having a bad day.  

Stacey Docherty

I agree with addict I would lobe my Oh to think about something like that. He did build the raised bed but generally if its not connected to the Xbox he's not interested!!

Heather Michaels

Ladies I hear you lol Mr Bloke perfectly capable of doing anything that benefits him. I arrive home from work today to find he's picked the plums from the tree outside and proudly presenting them to me, presumably cos he wants plum pudding, (he didn't get it!) but if I need something, or want some help, he's far too busy with his Ebay! Good on you Smokin Donkey!

Smokin Donkey!

But did you point out to her that has to be obeyed   that "  Yes it will DEAR !...

Because  when  YOU  choose to do the hanging basket  IF  it is dark , then at least you will have light !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

AND  I'M  A   "  SHE "    AT THAT  !!!!!!!!



Smokin Donkey

this has made me smile and chuckle to my self also made my day

I'm often invisible as well it's only when I do her jobs that I get noticed LOL




I think "fair do's". You fix the light, she does the hanging basket. That's how we do it - flowers are my business, DIY is his.

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